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    Luke Wilbur Slipped

    Jason Rees, you are absolutely right that Bfrankdc started it all so let us end it on that note and move into 2006 and hope Bfrankdc gets taken away by space aliens.
  2. Luke, If you contact Eric Weiss at the Washington Post, I believe that he can fill you in on the story they did about Fenty stealing money from elderly clients when in private law practice.
  3. Sir, I had a chance to look at your blog and I fail to see how anything you said is of importance to the people of Ward 3, you fail to touch upon a single issue of concern and what you put forth is incredibly generic.
  4. I hope that 2006 will be free of that hateful person Bfrankdc who has offered nothing to this board other than his hateful remarks as he surely hasn't offered anything positive and we should be free of his hatred, lies and so on. This message board needs to be free of this jerk off Bfrankdc so we can start discussing the important issues that will be subject of debate as we get closer to the September 2006 primaries. So Bfrankdc, take your BS somewhere else!