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    Under the West's appeasement policy, recognized values are being victimized in favor of economic interests and political considerations. They have switched the roles of the oppressed and the oppressor under the pretext of defending human rights, but actually for ulterior motives. Iran's freedom fighters in Ashraf City, the real victims of oppression and terrorism, have been accused of violating human rights and conducting terrorism. Those who remained loyal to their principles at the most difficult times and who faced expulsion, torture, and execution but relentlessly voiced their nation's cry (Iran) for freedom, are subject to insults and libel. Isn't this shameful? The question is, what evidence are these allegations based on? The recognized procedures have been breached, and the mullahs' Intelligence Ministry in Iran has ironically become the source and authority of human rights. It's time for the west to change it's policy towards iran and support the iranian resistance and take the legitimate Mojahedin of Ashraf city off the T list. visit www.iranfreedompulse.com
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    what do you think about this song: listen to this: http://www.iranfreedompulse.com/victoria/Helena-03 Track 3.wma