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  1. My husband (Robbie Delauter) and his band members called "Faded Glory" from Winchester (VA) really wants to have an agent and major record labels. Their music was very unique and their speciality in heavy metal. They had their own CDs and create more than 40 original songs. My husband works at his family business at G & M Music Center, Inc. also in Winchester. If you are interested, please contact my husband at his office at (540)-662-3836 or at (540)-667-1699. Thanks. Lydia Delauter delauter1@netzero.com
  2. lingfen_37

    Winchester-silver Spring Connection...

    Whoever knows about Harland L. Morris from Silver Spring (MD), please let me know. I really miss him a lot.... Thanks everyone... Lydia Delauter
  3. To Harland L (Max) Morris, neither in Silver Spring (MD) or else where... Please keep in touch! Or whoever you are, if you know where he is, please contact me. I really missed him a lot. Thanks everyone... Lydia in Winchester (VA)