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  1. I am not fund raising as I too am not running for office. If you want to know how much money the candidates are raising then wait until it is published.
  2. JRR

    Jonathan Rees' name

    I cannot answer why Rees and two other candidates are not placing a bio but maybe it is to keep azz holes like you from harassing their employers or flooding others with stupid inquiries.
  3. As far as what name Rees had previously, I think that might be way too easy for him to prove but at least he had a real name not a made up one like most here.
  4. Let me turn that question around. Why do you spend 95% of your time on here and various other message boards impersonating multiple people and accusing yourself and others of heinous crimes? As for fundraising. I have no idea how much money anybody has raised in their campaign.
  5. About 95% of all voters out there do not read these message boards, read political related matters in the newspapers unless they are front page stories and zone out most that floats around. Most political scientists agree that voters tend to vote based upon one factor that Brooks has not tapped into and when he does, he will be way behind his opponents.
  6. Rees has only deleted 3 out of the 8 messages he posted on his Yahoo group room.
  7. No matter how you look at it Martin Austermuhle, you are an EX-CONVICT.
  8. Fabrication? A lot of immigrants to the USA change their name. That is no surprise nor a crime.
  9. JRR

    Jonathan Rees' name

    The other candidates do not have a bio. Brooks bio clearly shows that he has nowhere near the experience as does his rivals. I am sure that the Washington Post will once again declare Brooks not competent to run for public office or qualified for the job.
  10. For the record, I am not Jonathan Rees but one day I will disclose who I really am and yes, I am working with others to play your silly game. Why am I here pretending to be Jonathan Rees? There is a good reason. Bfrank cannot control his stupidity and thinks that he is Sherlock Holmes and has solved a great mystery. If you ask Luke Wilbury to contact (Jonathan Rees) by the email given for this account, you will find that it does not exist and any email sent to it will bounce back as not being an account. Just as much as you have lied to everyone, you have been lied to on an equal basis. We are like you. We go and create a lot of email accounts that are free using made up names and then we come here to the DC Message Board just like you over a proxy. The average person coming here does not understand how easy it is to create a free email account, tap into a free proxy program to hide their IP address and post like you do Bfrank under so many different screen names and slide in under different but well chosen proxies. It is a game for you Bfrank and we are here to play your stupid game as you have never told anyone why you have for five long months stalked Jonathan Rees from one message board to the next. That behavior of yours is that of a rival as not even a good news reporter would do such to get a story. Again Bfrank, you are stupid and fail to see that others can play your game and the fact you are a phony is seen in your never wanting to come out in public and disclose who you are. I use to work on some political campaigns including the first one for Adrian Fenty and every campaign has a dirty tricks man whose job it is to find a way to discredit the other candidate and that can come in the form of passing a false rumor among friends and strangers, doctoring public records, reconstructing campaign literature to say something that would embarrass a candidate and even handing it out to posting lies on the internet on message boards like this one. Bfrank, you are like me. You are working for someone as their dirty tricks man and so am I and I will be able to give Jonathan Rees total vindication of any wrong. Where you make you biggest mistake Bfrank is. Before you start posting accusing Rees of things, you do not bother to find out where he might really be at the time you do it and thus you set yourself up to look like a fool. To conclude, I am not Jonathan Rees but my job is to make you think I am so I can make you look stupid when all is said and done. Have a good night knucklehead.
  11. Bfrank, If everybody is doing what I and others suspect and that is, hiding behind proxies, then anybody can come here and elsewhere, post under any name they want even if it is not them but maybe a brother-in-law they hate and none of us can prove or disprove who they are. The proxies will not have or keep records of the thousands of people who tap into them every hour to post anonymously on boards around the world. You rely on proxies, false screen names and the like to do as you please and you know how easy it is and how impossible it will be for anyone to prove it. Right now, maybe 500 people in our area are coming over on the same IP address based upon using the same proxy program. You, Truthseeker and others who come here are not listed as members with this DC Message Board but others who have posted everywhere are. Suspicious at best. You could always have someone step up and say it was them all along and not you. How can you or I ever be sure that the name you see is really the person you think it is? YOU AND I CAN NEVER PROVE THE REAL IDENTITY OF ANYONE HERE AS THE SYSTEM IS DESIGNED TO ALLOW ANONIMITY which is why so many people across the country love posting anonymously. You are very stupid Bfrank and fail to understand that others may be doing what you are and you can no more prove who they are than they can prove who you are. This is a game for you and you live for it morning, noon and night. What you do is no crime and neither is it for the hundreds of people who do the same.
  12. It was just locked today by Truthseeker not previously. Explain how can he lock your post!
  13. The only person who can LOCK or PIN a topic is the person who started the topic. How was TRUTHSEEKER able to PINNED a topic started by BFRANK? Simple, TRUTHSEEKER is BRFRANK and only GOD knows how many other names here are the same person. Every so often BFRANK slips and gives away his aliases and even admitted herein that he has posted under aliases. Let Luke Wilbury explain this to all how TRUTHSEEKER was able to LOCK/PIN a topic started by BFRANK unless they are one in the same.
  14. Namely, you have posted things under aliases names which you have always denied but today you finally admitted it. You are now all alone here in DC Message Board and explain to all why you have lied about this for so long as you will not get another response from anyone because you are such a liar.
  15. Here is what he wrote: No, but Luke can verify my postings on this board, and he can verify the IP addresses and (aliases I posted). You may as well give up now. B. Frank NO BFRANK, you give up as this is the first time you admitted to having posted here under aliases but all along you have denied it. Now tell everyone the name of all your 50 aliases you used. YOU ARE SO STUPID TO FINALLY ADMIT IT. WAS THAT YOUR GUILTY CONSCIENCE COMING OUT?