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    Great New Dvd

    well it is very different... This movie is about and based on a reality TV show. where The criminal is tried on TV and the public gets to vote him guilty or not. if found gulity then he is executed on TV.
  2. kathyluvlife

    Great New Dvd

    Hey I'm currently working at Universal and I attended a screening for a new DVD release, "Citizen Verdict" was avery intresting movie and I highly suggest you check it out.
  3. kathyluvlife

    Citizen verdict is on DVD

    I just heard from my friend that works at UMVD that Citizen verdict is on DVD! I havent seen the movie but I've heard some good things about it. Jerry springer is in the movie, which is great because im a huge fan of his. Its basically about these criminals that go on trial and the public decides their verdict. Sound cool! But i want to know more, anyone here seen it? let me know