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    Music Lessons At Home

    Well bcindc, The best way to find good music teachers is to do some research or follow up on a suggestion, such as this one: I suggest you go to bnbmusicworld.com and check them out, I hired them and I find that they are the best music teachers out there. They come to my home and teach my two children with no hassle and good prices. Just making a suggestion. Good luck with the search. -Roseanne
  2. RFillman

    Music Lessons At Home

    If you are looking for a music teacher, and don't know where to find one, the people that I called were B&B Music World. They have excelent, professional teachers who come to your home to teach with no hassle. I needed a piano teacher AND a guitar teacher and they provided ONE teacher to come to my home and teach both of my children, because he is proficient in both the piano and the guitar. I found them on Google but you can always go to their site at www.bnbmusicworld.com Just tryin to help -Roseanne
  3. RFillman

    Great Music Lessons!

    My name is Roseanne Fillman and I am a 33 year old single mother. I have two children, Hansen and Clara, and they have always loved music. I told them that I would get them music lessons but Clara likes guitar and Hansen likes the piano. I saw an add on google.com for b&b music world, they have teachers who come to my house and teach my son and daughter. The teacher they assigned to me knows how to play both piano and guitar very well and teaches both of my children in the same visit. They are very curtious and helpfull and best of all affordable! they give me a discount for having two lessons. If anyone is thinking about learning to play an instrument and live in the DC Metro area try giving them a call. I found them at bnbmusicworld.com, they really are great. Just trying to help out. -Roseanne