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    REES IN 2010

    Um, it is done. The man died from his own indulgences. He caused a lot of harm to a lot of people. A textbook case for the deficiencies in the US Healthcare system.
  2. bfrankdc

    REES IN 2010

    I guess this isn't going to happen. RIP Mr. Rees.
  3. bfrankdc


    So your answer is no, I do not have any evidence to support the wild accusations I have been making in this forum and elsewhere. Requesting that one goes to OCF to get the full report is a pile of BS, and since you are a BS artsist, it fits perfectly. Thanks, B. Frank
  4. bfrankdc


    Thanks for reposting what I had already excerpted. Robert Gordon, according to the report, said that funds had been "committed". As I, a political layman, read the term "committed", it means to me that it is promised or pledged, but not yet actually transacted. Thus, once again, I ask, do you have testimony from anyone who had actually GIVEN monies to this effort, or in the alternative, do you have access to Sternlieb's bank account such that you have proof of receipt of monies, or is this yet again, another exaggeration and false claim on your part? B. Frank
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    Where is this evidence? The report you cites states, "the group, plus a broader group of others, had committed about $100,000.00 for his campaign, but it would not be as much for another candidate because the candidate was not as well known, or respected. Nonetheless, it would be a significant amount of money in the $20,000.00 to $25,000.00" (range). The operative word there is "committed". There is no statement of actual monies changing hands. Unless you are privy to Mr. Sternlieb's bank account, or have testimony from someone who actually gave Sternlieb money, then this is once again a case of Jonathan Rees twisting and fabricating to suit his needs. B. Frank
  6. Is that the same way that Dan Tangherlini hired you as well? I go away for a few months, and return to find that you have been talking to yourself here, and spreading the same falsehoods. B. Frank
  7. I am tired of affirming this, but your assertion that the classification of one person on Cheh's staff as being distinct from others is simply incorrect. Once again, and as usual, you have provided no tangible proof of your baseless allegations. B. Frank
  8. That, along with the fact that Ms. Smith was hired by Councilmember Cheh at the beginning of Cheh's term make your allegation of a white only staff erroneous, and the follow-on assumption of racisim offensive. A wild goose chase, just as all of your other claims and allegations. B. Frank
  9. Who would she be assigned from temporarily? It is not like the Council keeps a stable of employees from which new councilmembers can choose. You are so far off base on this, just like most of your other wild allegations. B. Frank
  10. Yawn. http://www.marycheh.com/contact.htm B. Frank
  11. You are wrong again. I challenge anyone to simply call Cheh's office to verify, as I have this morning. Who would she be on loan from? She used to work in Council Member Orange's office. He did not run for re-election, so she got a job with Cheh. B. Frank
  12. I think you are confusing things. Dee Williams is the Constituent Services Director for Councilmember Cheh. I knew her when she was working for Vincent Orange. Last time I saw her, she was an African American. She has been on Cheh's staff since day 1. B. Frank.
  13. The constituent services person doesn't seem like a caucasian woman to me. I don't know the guy at the front reception desk, but he doesn't seem like a caucasian male. You can't even stand up to these simple truths. How can you expect anyone to believe your tales of Dan Tangherlini wanting to hire you? I snorted my soda all over the keyboard on that one. B. Frank
  14. I would guess the non-white members of Cheh's staff would be rather surprised at yet another baseless claim. B. Frank
  15. Still here, nothing much to comment on, and just as I am not Sam Brooks, Martin Austermuhle or anyone else you claim, I also have nothing to do with Mary Cheh. Have a nice one. B. Frank
  16. bfrankdc

    Ward 3 Dems

    What do the Ward 3 Dems do, other than advocate for Republican candidates when they don't like the democratic candidate? B. Frank
  17. I am not a liar, and you give me way too much credit. B. Frank
  18. So I guess that means you will not provide any independant verification of your claims. Some things never change. B. Frank
  19. Great! Ask them to post here in their own name and I will believe it. Otherwise, your failure to post any sort of independent proof of your claims will stand. B. Frank
  20. No, the message in this case is the lengty fabircations and deleted posts you claim on other forum. There is and was no proof of any of the allegations you are making about anyone. Indeed, the record is clear that in fact YOU are the one who posted negative "facts" about other ward 3 candidates, generally in the form of aliases, to which you are now ascribing to others. In looking at posts from the Winter and spring from the identifications in question, they all concern you, and non concern other ward 3 candidates. There are no deleted posts from those timeframes. The only deleted posts come more recently when you purged your own messages on the Ward 3 DC Yahoo Group (as Nelson verified that he did no delete them). As a result, it is clear that you are ascribing to others your own actions. B. Frank
  21. Attacking the messenger rather than the message is a tell-tale sign of guilt. B. Frank
  22. Because I saw the post you put on the ward3dc Yahoo Listserve and then went through the messages which corresponded to the "posts" you manufactured. The "posts" you manufactured were not on the ward3dc Yahoo group on the dates you fabricated, and there were no skipped post numbers which would have indicated deleted posts. Thus you clearly fabricated the posts. That was discussed by you, Nelson and some others on the ward3dc Yahoo group. Here is where Nelson demonstrated that infact, a deleted post yields a gap in the numbers: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ward3dc/message/458 Of course, you deleted all the posts which contained the allegations. Why? (And don't deny it because there is a post there from nelson stating that he did not delete any posts) B. Frank
  23. And when you look at the source codes, the emails from the PNH servers were official announcements from the campaign. There were no posts as Rees describes coming from PNH which denegrate any candidates, etc. Rees, of course, manufactured that without providing any links to prove his claims. Big surprise. B. Frank