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  1. $1,450 - SUNNY ATTRACTIVE SEMI-FURNISHED JUNIOR ONE BEDROOM IN A FANTASTIC LOCATION IN WASHINGTON DC (20009) Num Rooms: 1 Num Baths: 1 Clydesdale Place (near Adams Mill Road) Square Footage: 520 Cats Allowed APARTMENT AVAILABLE AUGUST 1 (Possibly available in late July) IN ADAMS MORGAN $1450 Jr-One-Bedroom Spacious, comfortable, airy, brightly lit semifurnished or unfurnished (as requested) junior-1 bedroom in the heart of Washington city. FEATURES: • Very attractive, comfy, brightly lit junior 1 bedroom apartment • Windows overlook garden below; very quiet • Hardwood floors • Dishwasher • All Utilities Included: water, electricity, heat/AC • Roofdeck and graden in rear for dining/entertaining • Washer and dryer available in basement • Bike rack available in basement • On-street parking; spaces or garages for rent in neighborhood • Furnishings could include: full size bed; book shelf; rugs; bedside table; microave; toaster oven and more (pieces can be added/removed according to your needs). ABOUT THE AREA • Just steps from the heart of Adams Morgan (18th and Columbia) full of shops, bars, and restaurants • Less than a 10 minute walk to the new shopping plaza in Columbia Heights (Target/Best Buy etc) • Around the corner from Rock Creek Park full of biking and walking trails and the National Zoo • Less than a 10 minute walk to Woodley Park Metro • Right by major bus routes going downtown • Grocery stores - less than 5 minute walk to Safeway • National Airport - about 15 minutes door to door TERMS • $1,450 per month — includes ALL UTILITIES • One year lease minimum • Credit check required. Please bring your credit report with you if possible. • Informal application interview with coop board before lease is signed • References requested • One month security deposit to hold the apartment & first month's rent when lease is signed • Cats welcome • Non-smoking apartment Please email me for more information and to see the property: michele@delamenardiere.com
  2. Ed_Palmedo

    Valentine's Day Love Poems

    Please share your Valentine's Day poems with our community board. It can be a famous poem you have found or one that you have written. by Robert Louis Stevenson I count the only wear That suits, in this mixed world, the truly wise, Who boldly smile upon despair And shake their bells in Grandam Grundy's eyes. Singers should sing with such a goodly cheer That the bare listening should make strong like wine, At this unruly time of year, The Feast of Valentine. We do not now parade our "oughts" And "shoulds" and motives and beliefs in God. Their life lies all indoors; sad thoughts Must keep the house, while gay thoughts go abroad, Within we hold the wake for hopes deceased; But in the public streets, in wind or sun, Keep open, at the annual feast, The puppet-booth of fun. Our powers, perhaps, are small to please, But even negro-songs and castanettes, Old jokes and hackneyed repartees Are more than the parade of vain regrets. Let Jacques stand Wert(h)ering by the wounded deer - We shall make merry, honest friends of mine, At this unruly time of year, The Feast of Valentine. I know how, day by weary day, Hope fades, love fades, a thousand pleasures fade. I have not trudged in vain that way On which life's daylight darkens, shade by shade. And still, with hopes decreasing, griefs increased, Still, with what wit I have shall I, for one, Keep open, at the annual feast, The puppet-booth of fun. I care not if the wit be poor, The old worn motley stained with rain and tears, If but the courage still endure That filled and strengthened hope in earlier years; If still, with friends averted, fate severe, A glad, untainted cheerfulness be mine To greet the unruly time of year, The Feast of Valentine. Priest, I am none of thine, and see In the perspective of still hopeful youth That Truth shall triumph over thee - Truth to one's self - I know no other truth. I see strange days for thee and thine, O priest, And how your doctrines, fallen one by one, Shall furnish at the annual feast The puppet-booth of fun. Stand on your putrid ruins - stand, White neck-clothed bigot, fixedly the same, Cruel with all things but the hand, Inquisitor in all things but the name. Back, minister of Christ and source of fear - We cherish freedom - back with thee and thine From this unruly time of year, The Feast of Valentine. Blood thou mayest spare; but what of tears? But what of riven households, broken faith - Bywords that cling through all men's years And drag them surely down to shame and death? Stand back, O cruel man, O foe of youth, And let such men as hearken not thy voice Press freely up the road to truth, The King's highway of choice.
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    birthday pic's

  4. Ed_Palmedo

    NEW LaVar Arrington Show

    LaVar Arrington is now the co-host of a new Sports Radio show on WJFK 106.7 FM. The show will also feature Mike Wise of the Washington Post and will be replacing the Mike O'Meara show. I think is will be fun listening to LaVar breakdown the Skins this season.
  5. Ed_Palmedo


    DCpages.com and Calleva have teamed up to GIVE 2 FREE TICKETS to MARKOFF'S HAUNTED FOREST. Tell us your favorite Halloween story and become eligible to WIN tickets to the SCARIEST Haunted Forest in the area. View our DCpages Halloween Guide.. Check out the Markoff Haunted Forest website here.
  6. Ed_Palmedo

    Fourth of July parking sucks

    I was very disappointed to find out Friday morning that you could no longer park on the Virginia side of the Potomac. My friends and I have been gathering here for almost 10 years. Unbelievable! How many families had their annual Forth of July picnic/BBQ ruined by this. This caused me and countless others to miss the great fireworks show. I just posted a few videos of the fireworks so people that were turned away last Friday can at least see what we missed. Did anyone have trouble with the Metro this year for the 4th? My guess is hour long waits with everyone pushing to be the last one on the train. Let me know.
  7. Order your Official 2007 National Cherry Blossom Collectible Pin at DCGiftShop.com
  8. Ed_Palmedo

    Verizon Customer Service Is A Nightmare

    Started the day off calling Maryland Fios Residential (410-265-0577) and spoke with Ms. Walker. After explaining the situation she simply transfered me to Nelson. Nelson - Technical Support Cyper Solution Center Provisioning on Line1 appears to be fine Nelson setup a One Point Voicemail Box for Line2 (Confirmation Number: MD00056801678 to be ready at the end of the work day tomorrow). He then stated that he had no idea how to associate Line1 to that voicemail. He then had to transfer me back to a Verizon Technician. Greg - Specialist Technician told me that this solution WOULD NOT WORK. He also stated that previous technicians who first tried to fix our issues must "have been Level-1 technicians" because their fixes never would of worked. Great! Greg is now trying to go through the Switch himself and will call me later this evening.
  9. Ed_Palmedo

    Verizon Customer Service Is A Nightmare

    Yesterday I called Verizon again and was told that another Switch Technician was going to fix our voicemail problem. This afternoon I received a call from Russell stating that we now need a One Point Voicemail Box for Line2 then assoiciate Line1 to that voicemail. However, to do that I need to go through the Business Office. So after a week I am being told this when our voicemail system was working fine a few months ago.
  10. Ed_Palmedo

    Verizon Customer Service Is A Nightmare

    After 2 hours of course the Verizon mailbox was still not ready. I then called the Technical Support team. After explaining the situation again and being put off and on hold for another hour I told the problem was fixed. By now I know this is fishy so I asked the gentleman if he would hold while I tested the number. Shocking!!! It did not work. I was then transfered to the Switch department. They said everything looked good on their side. I asked them to call our number and see for themselves the error. They did not know what was causing the mix-up other to say that it appears that it should work. Know a Switch Technician is looking into it and I have been told that the voicemail will work in 24-48 hours. EPIC FAIL VERIZON, EPIC FAIL. THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON SINCE TUESDAY!!!!!
  11. Ed_Palmedo

    Verizon Customer Service Is A Nightmare

    Started today off by trying to call Andrew at 410-265-0577 but got someone in the Maryland Fios Residential. Joy Jenkins answered the phone and reviewed our account. Basically, we have 2 phone lines, one of which is a rollover from the first. If you call the rollover line directly customers hear our voicemail. If you call the main line and do not answer the phone, the call does rollover to the second line but DOES NOT then go to the voicemail. Customers hear a generic Verizon message where they cannot leave messages. Voicemail was not added to their Switch (Verizon term). Their technical support team (1-888-553-1555) was called and finally flipped the switch and supposedly Line 1 will start to rollover to Line 2 properly in an hour. Let's keep our fingers crossed. Line 1 is main number Line 2 is "rollover" second number On line 2 there is fucntional voicemail. If you call line 1, it will roll over to line 2 but there is no functional voicemail. If you call line 2 directly, there is functional voicemail
  12. Ed_Palmedo

    McNabb to the Redskins

    I can't believe Philly trade D. McNabb to the Redskins. This is great for many reasons. 1. It means the Redskins won't draft Jimmy Clausen (Thank GOD) 2. It means the Redskins will hopefully draft OT Russell Okung of Oklahoma State 3. McNabb has taken his team to the playoffs almost every year 4. McNabb will want to crush Philly for letting him go 5. The Redskins finally have a proven quarterback that demands respect 6. Philly will lose about 3 games more with an inexperienced quarterback
  13. Ed_Palmedo

    how about our Washington Capitals

    Does anyone recommend a bar in DC to watch the Caps at during the playoffs? I know down by Verizon Center will be a good start but does anyone have a specific recommendation?
  14. Ed_Palmedo

    McNabb to the Redskins

    McNabb is already establishing himself as the leader in the locker room for the Washington Redskins. As a life-long fan I have to be impressed by how quickly he is earning the respect of coaches and players in the organization. We haven't had a leader like this since J.Gibbs Era 1. Now we just have to figure out what to do with Fat Albert.
  15. Ed_Palmedo

    how about our Washington Capitals

    The Washington Capitals beatdown Pittsburgh last night to sweep the season series. I am a little worried about resting our players (Mike Green) but hopefully Bruce knows what he's doing. He's gotten us this far so why doubt him now, right?
  16. Ed_Palmedo

    McNabb to the Redskins

    The Redskins will draft an OT and did pick up two o-line guys in free agency. Other teams in the league had horrible o-lines last year (Green Bay) but their quarterbacks adjested and got rid of the ball quicker. I like Jason Campbell but he takes too much time in the pocket and has a long throwing motion.
  17. Ed_Palmedo

    cherry blossom

    The Cherry BLossoms are in full bloom. Here are some images that link to a great gallery of the Cherry Blossoms along the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC.
  18. The Kenwood Chery Trees are great and there are no crowds. For those looking for the best alternative to the Tidal Basin, I could not recommend a better place.
  19. I went to see the Cherry Blossoms this week and am EXTREMELY DISAPPIONTED with the LACK OF PARKING. There are only a handful of LEGAL spots to park near the Tidal Basin. I spent an hour and change driving around (in circles) and had no luck. The next day I had to park ILLEGALLY by the Kennedy Center. Why would the city of DC make it so hard for visitors and locals to get to see the Cherry trees? The Metro is THE ONLY WAY TO GO and it is still a pretty far walk. Check out this link for a MAP. http://dcpages.com/Tourism/Cherry_Blossoms/image/Tidal-Basin-Cherry-Blossom-Map.pdf
  20. Ed_Palmedo

    Cherry blossoms

    2010 Bloom Watch // updated 3/22/2010 Average Peak Bloom Date: April 4 2010 Peak Bloom Date Forecast: April 1 through April 4 2010 Blooming Period: March 28 through April 9 I hope this information is helpful
  21. Casey - DCpages.com actually has a photo gallery of the neighborhood in Kenwood that you are talking about. Cherry Blossoms: Kenwood, Maryland Kenwood, a Bethesda neighborhood between Little Falls Parkway and River Road in Montgomery County, Maryland has 1,200 white, pink, and dark - pink blossomed Yoshino cherry trees lining the streets. It is spectacular, natural beauty.
  22. Why was this Whale ever interacting with humans if this was the 3 times there was an incident???
  23. Ed_Palmedo

    Markoff's Haunted Forest

    GO TO MARKOFF'S HAUNTED FOREST THIS WEEKEND!!! Trust me its worth the drive.
  24. Ed_Palmedo

    No, No, No, No, No....

    I just saw this posted on ESPN. Washington Redskins left tackle Chris Samuels could miss the rest of the season and may have to consider retirement after suffering a stinger in Sunday's loss to the Carolina Panthers, according to a report. The six-time Pro Bowler, who already had been ruled out of Sunday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs, will have the injury re-evaluated Tuesday, sources told The Washington Post. Samuels suffers from stenosis, a narrowing of the spine that causes him to wear a neck brace for extra protection when he plays, and was already dealing with significant knee pain all season, according to the paper. Coach Jim Zorn told The Post that the injury is possibly more severe than they originally thought. "I think it is concerning, because we care about his health," Zorn told The Post. "Because of the other doctors involved in trying to read this thing, it's the time that it's taking to get any answers -- that's what's hard. We just have to wait it out. "But we're going to think very positive about this situation. I think he is as well. He's got an excellent attitude towards the waiting. That's the frustrating part, is just waiting for the results."