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  1. ------------------------------------------------------ PMG Filmworks PRESS RELEASE ------------------------------------------------------- "Eros" PREMIERE SCREENING (official selection - 2005 NY Int'l Independent Film Festival) dir. Richard Chu, drama, 45 mins. (60 total w/"Return of the Cicadas") Wednesday, October 12, 9:15PM The Avalon Theater http://www.theavalon.org/news.cfm?id=57 5612 Connecticut Avenue Washington DC 20015 EROS... love is having courage ... “Eros,” shot in Adams Morgan and Mt. Pleasant is the first episode in the “DC Crossing” Miniseries episodes – “Eros,” “Crossing,” and “Spirits” about cross-cultural relations and reconciliations in DC urban love and life Its interwoven stories on the mores and pathos of relationship, love, and sex seek to shed light on the inner –identities and –conflict of three culturally diverse young couples in urban Washington D.C. It raises issues on how self-denial and myopic views can cripple, and how the courage to let go can reincarnate one spiritually to grow, to forgive, and to love others and be loved in redemptive grace. Also showing: “Return of the Cicadas” – the spiritual redemption of a Vietnam Vet who met up with the abandoned daughter he had with a local Vietnamese during the War. 15 mins. (screened at the 2003 Georgetown Independent Film Festival and the 2004 Mid-Atlantic Film Festival