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    Yes, By ALL MeAnS!!! Valencia, you should host a hair show! You are a talented woman and you have done so much for me. Not that I'm vain or anything ~ you just feel so beautiful when you've got hair!!! Everyone thinks my hair is real, but I don't front I tell the truth, yes you too can have hair like this, call Valenica. I'm truly grateful to have met you and experienced the miracles you've performed on my hair. Lanetta
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    Hollywood Hair Extensions Great Price

    Sophia, At a Fusion/Weave salon In VA I was given a questionnaire, containing questions you should ask a perspective stylist: 1) Make sure you see the stylist’s license or certificate of training in the method of that they’re offering from a reputable continuing education program. 2) Ensure the stylist does several methods of hair extensions. Extentionists work on commission, they will never turn down the opportunity to make a profit or likely to tell you you’re a candidate for their system, when in reality you are not. 3) Ask to see photos of their work. Any good stylist will have a portfolio handy for you to see. 4) Make sure the stylist performs a proper razor or point cut ~ ensuring the hair extension fall naturally. 5) Ask for at least 3 references that you can speak to and look at their hair. 6) Ask the prices of removal and touch-ups. Normally the stylist will re-contact a new fusion client, to recommend a follow-up appointment. 7) If a stylist prefers not removing their own work (fusions), seek another stylist. a. The removal of the fusions allows the stylist the opportunity to see how well the client maintained the fusion hairstyle. b. The removal process also allows the stylist an opportunity to evaluate the client’s natural hair, too see if the client’s hair benefited from the fusion. The list goes on and on and unfortunately I did not have this questionnaire, prior to my appointment, it would have saved me quite a bit of time and money. I did not lie, you stated you prefered not removing the fusions, when asked. You told me to go to a salon, they normally charge 75.00 dollars for removal. I was given an initial price of $400.00 dollars on the telephone. This was an initial and I understand that like a estimate. After reviewing your postings, you note 2 different prices [350-500 / 350-600] please update the postings for your future clients. The postings mentioned are 21 Sep 05 and 25 Sep 05. If my intention was to hurt you ~ I would have posted, “Don’t go to ___________!” I would have placed my photos online for all too see, but I didn’t. If my posting makes you think I’m attempting to hurt your reputation, then I’m sorry. Your interpretation is mis-guided. Maybe I should have contacted you to let you know what was happening with my hair, but like I said in the posting, I simply don’t go back. If I have a bad experience at a restaurant, hotel or salon, I just don’t go back. Nowhere in the posting did I state don't go to your salon, I only told my experience and mentioned your salon once. You're a beautiful person inside and out and I wish you all the best.
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    Hollywood Hair Extensions Great Price

    Here the listed price is $350-500 and 4 days later on 25 Sep 05 you list a price of $350-600 dollars.
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    Hollywood Hair Extensions Great Price

    Fusions? On October 2, 2005, I received my 1st fusion. On November 7, 2005. I received my 2nd fusion styling. Yes, I thought this was weird too, isn’t a fusion suppose to last up to 4 months. Yes, my hair looked good, on 10/2 – for 1 full day. It was beautiful!! That night, I braided my hair up into 1 Braid and wrapped my head in a silk scarf. 10/3 ~I awoke, excited to see the new me. As I began to brush my new long DEW (hair) the brush began to fill up with hair. The culprit, shedding!!! By 10/4, not only did I have shedding, I had whole fusions, sliding out of my hair. I hated brushing my hair or running my fingers, through my hair. Hair would come out in handfuls!!!! Whatever the style, the hair seemed to tangle/frizz right up. I thought it was something that I did. I never had fusions, before, so I sought a second opinion. At the salon, I was told, the hair (Indian Remi hair ~2 packs $160.00) was not a good choice for fusions as this type of hair was prone to shedding and tangling. All of which it did!!!! 10/14~ I had a face-face consultation with Valencia at which time I scheduled my 2nd fusion styling for 11/7. Valencia found it hard to believe my fusions had only been in for 12 days. When asked who styled my hair, I simply said I had it done in Baltimore, Md. I DEBATED FOR a very long time, whether to say anything. I’m a customer/client and I do have an obligation to tell/speak the truth. I was disappointed ~ Really DiSaPPointed. The web page quoted a price of $400 dollars; however the cost for a full head $600 dollars. But I was lucky!! I received my hair free and for paying cash I received a discount for a total of $540.00 dollars. Oh, I forgot ~ I had to sign a contract/agreement, stating I would not hold Baltimore Hollywood Hair (Sophia) responsible and etc. As I did not receive a copy of this signed agreement it is hard to say what exactly was on this form. I have written this costly experience off ~ Too Lessons Learned!!!! a) If the stylist has not photos to show you of their work, think twice. If the stylist, admits, they went to another salon to have their own fusions put in, you might want to say HUM!!! c) If the stylist admits, they prefer not taking out their own fusions, referring you to go to another salon to have them removed. This is way past HUM- this is down-right HUM/HUM/ get ta running. If you’re inquiring, NO!!!!, I did not seek touch-ups, etc with the stylist. WHY? If a plastic surgeon disfigures your face, would you reschedule with the same plastic surgeon to receive corrective surgery? If inquiring minds, want to know, than you may contact me off-line via my email (sgmdallas@iwon.com)