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    World Stage - Green Party

    The hope for the Green Party is that the mistakes won't go on. Indeed two yahoogroups (feministos and ruralgreen) are talking about female leadership. The people culpable for the mistakes may change, and can be replaced. I had to start by mentioning mistakes so that we grasp the reality of what we must do. We must fix a party that can fix a world. Seabob, San Bernardino CA
  2. seabob

    Greens Challenge Moveon.org

    Starlene, Thanks for challenging Moveon. I wonder how Moveon and GPUS compare with giving top leadership to females? I know you are a female. And I know Greens have a Feminist Key Value. But I also know that virtually all Green locals are controlled by males, or females who go along with the males. Do you see this as a problem? By the way, I work with some Moveon folk in Sacramento although I vote with San Bernardino Greens. Seabob