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    Wsm Looking 4 Wsw

    Any ladies looking to just have fun with no strings attached? PM me on this board.
  2. billclintonsucks

    Flatbed Truck Wanted

    I am looking for a pickup truck to start my business. I do not have any money, but would greatly appreciate the opportunity to build my business.
  3. billclintonsucks

    Dc Tries To Attract Montreal Expos

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- Washington is calling baseball's bluff over the relocation of the Montreal Expos. City officials have prepared a new plan they say offers Major League Baseball exactly what it has requested -- 100 percent public financing for a new ballpark if the Expos are moved to the nation's capital. Baseball has been trying to resolve the future of the Expos since the struggling franchise was purchased by the other 29 teams before the 2002 season. League officials failed to meet deadlines in 2002 and 2003 to find a new home for the team and have set this year's All-Star break as their latest target. Las Vegas; Monterrey, Mexico; Norfolk, Va.; Portland, Ore.; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and Northern Virginia have also expressed interest in the Expos, but league officials have insisted that any relocation plan include full public funding for a stadium without relying on contributions from an ownership group.
  4. (AP Wire)The Democratic National Committee announced today the Lemming will be added as the new logo for rank and file Democrats. The Jackass logo will continue to be used by Senator Ted Kennedy, Bill and Hilary Clinton, Al Gore, Terry McAuliffe, Al Franken, Michael Moore, Rob Reiner, Barbara Streisand, the Dixie Chicks, and members of the Hollywood Entertainment Industry, as they more closely resemble Jackasses. A special logo has been proposed for John Kerry but Mr. Kerry has not decided whether to accept-or not. The logo, if approved, will be the IHOP Waffle.