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  1. Singing_sensation

    Attn: Female R&b/pop Vocalists!

    I am interested. I am 12 I am 110 pounds. I can sing Christina Aguilera and I'm serious about this. unfortunately I don't have a demo YET. Please reply. Thanks Taylor
  2. Singing_sensation

    I Need To Be Signed

    Well as far as I know the talent show will be in a couple of months and I don't know what song I'm going to sing. Got any ideas? In march we have art fest another talent show. I'm thinking of teaming up with my buddy Shadey and some other people who can play well to make a band to see if they have any battle of the band talent shows you know just to get my name out. Anyway that's about it when you live in a small town (no names) in Washington there's not many options. Thanks. Taylor
  3. Singing_sensation

    I Need To Be Signed

    Hi, my name is taylor I am 12 and I need to be signed to a recod label. I've been researching this stuff on the interent and it seems like I've been to every single site. I have a strong voice like Christina Aguilera/Krystal Harris. I am in choir I am making beats for my 3 songs. I am about to enter my school talent show but It's not ready yet. I will update this if I win. If you have anymore questions or comments, please take the time to post them. Thank you and God bless. Taylor