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    http://dcahiphop.freeforums.org/obama-dj-s...fox-dia-t8.html OBAMA DJ Starchild featuring Rrice, Jade Fox & Dia Download it free and vote OBAMA!!! [web]http://www.megaupload.com/?d=01DUBQ35[/web] DJ Starchild www.myspace.com/songmaka Rrice www.DaGoldenGRAIN.com Jade Fox www.myspace.com/jadefox40 Dia www.myspace.com/dia82 http://dcahiphop.freeforums.org/obama-dj-s...fox-dia-t8.html
  2. Check out the facelift!!!, does it look better than a mcrib sandwich??? I would like to thank everyone who is helping to make SHOT IN THE DARK a success...i know its long over due but we have finally got our home on the web renovated...don't for get to tell your friends to drop by our website and join our forum... let us know what u think of the new site at: http://teq9.freeforums.org/viewtopic.php?t=124 SHOT IN THE DARK & TEQ 9 merchandise make excellent xmas gifts.... http://teq9.com/Store.html
  3. College Students check this out...SHOT IN THE DARK...FREE!!! Ruckus iz dope!!!
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    they said it's GOOOODDD!!!

    http://www.pegasusnews.com/news/2007/sep/2...d-renaissance-/ Juicy the Emissary's The New World Renaissance Mixtape #1 By Justin Smith When I think of Denton, I think of those miserable two years I spent getting my Master's in music performance. I also think of jazz musicians, Fry Street bars, and hippies. And I really don't like hippies. But thats just me. I guess I'm kind of jaded by my lone experience there. What I don't think about is hip-hop. Well, that has all changed. The new CD comes out September 22nd. But I got it last week suckaz! I got The New World Renaissance Mixtape #1, by Juicy the Emissary last week and I have listened to it about five times. Juicy is a rapper with Vortexas out of Denton and he is also a producer for other artists around the country. The mixtape is exactly what it says it is. In the tradition of hip-hop artists of the past, the mixtape allows for a reworking of previously released material while also giving the producer some artistic license to put the music together into a new cohesive unit. The thing that I like most about this CD is that it is one collective piece. It may have varying songs, but the mix is one continuous line throughout the whole CD. It's as if you are going on a journey with Juicy the Emissary through his cosmos, your guide pointing in different places for you to check out, groove to for a while, then move on to your next destination. I highly recommend this CD for a long trip, or anytime that you can sit back and just let the music take you away. Juicy has been known to high five ghosts. The album in general reminds me of a cross between early 1990's The Orb and De La Soul. It's trip hop influences are felt everywhere. There are no incredibly sharp edges because everything feels smoothed out. Even when beats are distorted for effect, for instance on L.I.G.H.T Crews' "Turn That ***brown trout*** Up!" and L.O.N.E.'s "Fortified Funk," the flow of the rapper is so smooth that it still feels easy. My favorite two tracks are Rrice DaGoldenGRAIN's “No No No,” and Solomon Infinite Abdullah's “Armeggedon.” “No No No” is a slightly bluesy take on hip-hop, revealing the southerness of Juicy's production roots. The beat is really nasty but there is even a gospel choir in the background to round out each verse. “Armegeddon” has an awe inspiring, thick kick beat and also uses a Middle Eastern hook played on the guitar. After living in DFW for three years, I have finally gotten my very first taste of the hip-hop artists coming out of Denton. I just wished I had gotten to the table sooner. make sure u cop Juicy the Emissary's The New World Renaissance Mixtape #1 (http://www.TheNewWorldRenaissance.com) and SHOT IN THE DARK (http://www.cdbaby.com/teq9)
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    Rrice, Flex & More...

    Weds, Oct 3, 2007 @ Velvet Lounge 915 U Street, NW Washington DC, 20001 Flex Mathews Rrice & TEQ 9 ENT fam Rock Hard Records Tragic of the M.O.E Mob King Jakob's Court & DJ V-Rock on the 1's & 2's & I think this is free too???
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    Electric Maid 08/17/2007

    Friday, August 17, 2007 SHS Pre-Reunion Showcase The Electric Maid 268 Carroll Street NW Washington, District of Columbia 20012 Substantial Rrice T Lucas Gnorman Insanate Bates God's Illa & Pursuit click here
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    Grog & Tankard 08/05/2007

    Party Wit Ya boiRrice, TEQ 9 Entertainment, Rockhard Records @ Grog & Tankard, 2408 Wisconsin Ave, NW, Washington DC 20007 Rockhard Records Emcee Union clcik here
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    myspace.com/teq9 myspace.com/rriceakadagoldengrain myspace.com/theloniousfunk