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  1. dcpadmin

    Awesome Deal On Skis

    Yea, these guys have great deals on rentals too! You can rent your skis for a whole season for less than the cost of three day-trips. I really don't know how they can sell this stuff so cheap. I bought a pair of K2 Seth Pistol fatties last year for almost twice as much as what they offer them for! I'm an idiot!!! check 'em out at http://www.orderskis.com
  2. I found sale on modern approved gas masks and equipment. These masks are really cheap! The sale is nearly %40 off. If you've been thinking about the threat of terrorist attacks lately, you will want to check out this site. Goto http://www.HomeDefenseProducts.com. They offer all kinds of curious gadgets and gizmos.
  3. Is Anybody else dealing with constant popup ad infections? I am a certified network engineer, and lately I've been pretty busy removing "spyware" from office networks throughout the DC metro area. There are a few tricks involved with removing this stuff, so you may be best off just reloading everthing as aposed to trying to clean your system. Of course, most of us have valuble files and custom configurations we would rather not loose. If you really want your system cleaned and protected from today's virus-like spyware, then you will need to call in a professional. Your time and aggravation is worth money. You may THINK you can handle it, but the hours involved can get out of hand with many of these malicious infections. There is however, a few things you can try. Download "Ad-Aware" from Lavasoft in Sweden. Be careful. Just so you know, there is a spyware virus called "Adware" that is using a play on words to trick people into downloading MORE spyware! ADWARE is NOT Ad-Aware! Additionally I have found the $30 Pro Version to be well worth it, even if it doesn't clean every infection. Just a thought, Doug