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  1. GM recently announced that they will be recalling all 2011-2013 model Chevrolet Volts, which amounts to about 64,000 of the hybrid cars. The recall is to update the software so that the automated engine shutoff will activate sooner. After the update, the Chevy volt will not be able to idle as long before automatically shutting off. There has been two injuries linked to a build-up of carbon monoxide that resulted when the drivers forgot to shut off the vehicle. Though it hasn’t been a major issue, GM is acting in an abundance of caution to prevent any future injuries. Auto news brought to you by nationalauto.agency Source: reuters.com/article/2015/03/12/us-gm-recall-idUSKBN0M82NT20150312 Tags: Chevy Volt, Chevrolet Volt, Chevy volt recall, Chevrolet volt recall, car insurance, auto insurance