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    horay! im single again!!! just needed to tell the world: good for me.
  2. TheJudge

    Truck For Sale

    So just how many miles has the truck been driven? And the 429, is it rebuilt and how many miles does it have? Are the tires and brakes ok? I need to haul firewood in all seasons. A box truck may be the most versitle way to go.
  3. How much do you charge? Do you work on Macs? I seem to be having some trouble with my Mac Network: Intermittent drop offs.
  4. TheJudge

    86 Mazda Rx-7 For Sale

    What color is it? How many miles does it have. Where will the car need to be towed from? I might be interested; so please post a respose here on this board The Judge
  5. TheJudge

    Dc Water Supply

    This product seems great, but how much water can you really get in how much time? Some of these solutions require constant filter changes. I have a similar one that I found to be ineffective at removing whatever it was that made me ill!
  6. TheJudge

    Mustang Parts Wanted...

    I am looking to find a simple power-steering pump bracket for a 1967 Mustang with a 289. Somehow I ended up with the wrong one! If anyone has any suggestions, please reply here. non-power-steering really blows
  7. TheJudge

    Swf For Sm

    r u very much single?
  8. TheJudge

    Coming June04

    Wow! That Sounds Really cool! It better be using a land line. I guess the installation costs could get a bit out of control if you don't happen to have a phone line right next to your door! It might even be cheaper to get robbed just outside your front door than to have this system installed.