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    Last week MD Governor Bob Ehrlich said that it was none of his business whether a golf club he had a party at discriminated against African Americans (thanks to the Center for American Progress for reminding me about this). How does that sit with you? In legislative district 20, Senator Ruben just today quieted rumors that she might step down in the face of challenges. No word yet on whether Delegates Hixson and Murray are planning to run for reelection (Franchot is expected to run for Comptroller). Among the challengers mentioned for the open delegate seat are former County Councilmember Blair Ewing, Takoma Park Councilmembers Joy Austin-Lane and Heather Mizeur, and Silver Spring Citizens Advisory Board member and Democratic activist Jose Vazquez. Locally rumors abound that Mark Woodard, a former supporter of ousted Del. Dana Dembrow and member of the local advisory board, is considering getting into a legislative race. This space has included discussions of how little party labels can mean to enterprising politicians eager to move up the ladder, so it shouldn't surprise you to learn that Montgomery County's only Republican councilmember (Howard Denis) lost a committee vote recently to limit the building of McMansions. It also won't surprise you to learn who overruled him: Steve Silverman and Nancy Floreen (from the Gazette): Both Silverman and Floreen were members of the End Gridlock slate in 2002, which relied heavily on campaign donations from the development and building industry. A recent study by Neighbors for a Better Montgomery, a political action committee, found that Silverman received 71 percent of his money and Floreen 70 percent of hers from development-related interests. But council members dispute the findings, saying they are not accurate. Money probably doesn't influence policymaking though, right? Links to related articles and more commentary via my web log: OnBackground