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    Classic domestic cars. Animals. Dancing at hip hop clubs. Kareoke. Movies. Being the center of attention. Reading. Sleeping. Staying up all nite. Meeting new people.
  1. cutiecamarochic79

    Let's Have Fun

    what area are you in? If thats you in the pic you're a cutie. we should talk.
  2. cutiecamarochic79

    New To D.c. Area.

    Hey, im a 22 yr old female caucasian who just moved to the d.c. area. I have been here for 3 weeks and have yet to see any guys who i find to be attractive. I have blonde hair and blue eyes, 5'7, 135lbs. I am interested in caucasian males, around my age, i have no interest in older guys what so ever so please dont even try. I like guys between 5'8-6'3, between 170-190 lbs. I do not like overly muscular men, a nice definition is perfect. I do not like over weight guys either. Tall and slender is my preference. You must be honest, mature, and fun. Not looking for sex, im pretty sure sex is easy to come by if i truely wanted it. So if you arent about being serious and not messing around then dont contact me cuz your wasting your and my time. Check ya later.