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    Picture of the Hitching post at 6th and D Street.

    FYI: It's a dark gray 5" high small pole that sticks out of the ground at the interestion of 6th and D St. S.E It is supposedly has a history of being their since the mid 1800. It supposely was used by cowboys who would tie up there horses with it, while the cowboys went into the nearby saloon for a drink. When I first found out about it I couldn't believe something of this kind still exist. But I guess it does. Are you local, could you go take a picture of it for me ?. I would love a personnel photogragh of it. Thank you Stephen Hosmer sh34g@nih.gov
  2. Stevefun

    my dad is being mean to my mom and I hate that

    I read your message that you have been putting on this message board. You seem to be a nice person. Tell me more about yourself. I live in Bethesda, Maryland and I work for the federal government. At NIH. I have a learning disability myself. I can't type and read as fast as some of my collegue can which is what slows me down. But I am a very interesting person. I love the redskins and the capitals. I have season tickets for both teams. I live alone in apartment on Cordell Ave in Bethesda, MD. I don't have a picture up on-line yet of myself, but I might get one up, one of theses days. So tell me about yourself... I do like your picture which you have put up. Well I hope to hear from you again soon. Stephen Hosmer..
  3. I found out my information about the hitching post which stands at 6th and D in SE, DC In the capitol hill area of Washington DC. However I now need someone to take some pictures of the hitching post. It is most important that this task is done soon I would be willing to pay the photography a small fee for his or her time and effort. If this seems reasonable and you would be willing to do this for me, please do let me know. Thank you Stephen Hosmer
  4. Stevefun

    best barbershop in town..

    I am going on Saturday, to get a fantastic crew-cut haircut in Northern Virginia and I want to know the best barbershop to go to. I have never had a real crewcut haircut. Can anyone recommend where I might be able to get the best one in town. I may if I can get my courage up even go farther and get a all out army flattop haircut. What a different it would make me look. Flattop, Steve.
  5. I am trying to find out if the Gallery Row Building at 409 7th St, NW in Washington DC has ever won an award for it's unusual design. I am thinking that it might have won an award as the building has a weird diagramal shape to it. To go further the steps inside go in a square shape. So far my search has come up with very little. Any help that you might be able to provide me would be very helpful. Thank you Stephen Hosmer sh34g@nih.gov
  6. Stevefun

    409 7th Street.

    Hello I am desperately looking for the following information but have had extremely hard time finding any information. Can anyone out there tell me which government (s) agencies occupy 409 7th Street which is located in Washington DC. Any information that you could provide me would be very much appreciated. Thank you Stephen Hosmer.
  7. Stevefun

    New Chinatown Community Center..

    I am looking for documentated information of the hours of the New Chinatown Community Cultural Center which is located in Chinatown at 616 H street in Washington DC. I know and have seen there great website but the website doesn't talk about it hours of when it will be open and if it will be open on the weekends or not. If anyone could find this information for me I really would apprecaite it. Thank you Stevefun sh34g@nih.gov
  8. Stevefun

    409 7th Street

    I am looking for information about who occupies 409 7th street. I thought it was a number of different goverment organizations but I am not sure about who exactly it is. If anyone out there knows for sure, and can provide me a link which shows it's current resident I really would apprecaite it. I have some proof of who might be there but I am not sure if they are still there or not. Thank you Stevefun. sh34g@nih.gov
  9. Stevefun

    Maret School

    I am looking for some information about the history of the Maret School which is located in Washington DC at 3000 Cathedral Ave. I know the the school has a lot of history to it, but as of yet I haven't been able to find much. I don't want to know the history of the current school itself but I want to know about the history of the Mansion which school is presently in. Basically I am looking for historical information about the Mansion prior to 1950 when it stood as a private residence. Prior to 1950 it was a private estate to a number of different people over the years. Anything that you might have would be very helpful to know about. I have looked at the Maret School website but they don't seem to give me enough information for what I am looking for. Thank you Stephen Hosmer
  10. Stevefun


    Hi Mrs. Matchmaker, Please reply if you get this email. Thanks, Steve
  11. Does anyone know where the Striver's Section is located in Washington DC. Furthermore can anyone provide information about this community. Does it have a community association, or a website where I can go to learn more about the history of the community and things that are happening in the neighborhood. :) Thank you Stephen Hosmer
  12. Stevefun

    Souveniors Stores In Chintown.

    Does anyone know of any particularly good chinese souveniors stores in Chinatown that they can recommend to me. Thank you Stephen Hosmer-