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  1. Roddy, Calling someone's boss is way out of line. Grow up!!! Stop trying to police the world and let people speak their mind. And another thing, you've been online responding all day so why complain that someone else is as well.
  2. pitts

    Spooky Hollow And Haunted Trail At Valley Mill

    What day and times are you open? How much does it cost?
  3. pitts

    Taylor Is A Punk

    If Taylor can keep playing strong and not effect the "team" with his off-field problems I have to beef. And it definitely wasn't his one tackle that saved the game, the whole team played well. Did you happen to notice who got burned on the Dallas bomb, our boy from the U. Side note: Has anyone noticed what I complete clown Portis is. He's always joking with the team and lightens the mood, He quickly becoming one of my favorite players. Now all we need to do is get him some TD's.
  4. I think the defense is still strong but with no quarterback we can't go too far.
  5. How can you quit smoking while smoking??? Does it make cigarettes taste nasty? Are you suppose to smoke less and less until you eventually stop? This sounds interesting but I just don't see how it could work.
  6. pitts

    Taylor Is A Punk

    Taylor is a good player with an unlimited amount of both talent and potential. He still needs to respect the game and his teammates/coaching staff. I think that a bigger problem for the Redskins is their quarterback situation and John Hall's injury.
  7. pitts

    Pit Bulls Banned In Denver

    Denver is now enforcing a law making the ownership of pit bulls illegal. The law was written in 1989, after two horrific pit bull attacks in Denver, one that killed a 3-year-old boy and another that left a 59-year-old minister with 70 bite wounds and two broken legs. Until May 9, though, the ban had been in limbo because of a state law signed by Gov. Bill Owens that, in addition to making owners liable for injuries the first time a dog bites, also prohibited cities and counties from outlawing specific breeds. That law was passed following the fatal mauling of an Elbert County woman by three pit bulls. The city sued the state in May 2004, arguing the law violated Denver's home rule, and in April a judge ruled for Denver, allowing the ban to be enforced. Already, the city has rounded up at least 380 pit bulls and killed at least 260 of them
  8. TONIGHT [7/26] Do you speak a foreign language? Please join us at Teaism to practice your Spanish, French, Portuguese or German. Spanish, French, Portuguese and German Language Discussion - Practice a foreign language in a friendly setting. - Part of "Languages of the World Series" - an International Club DC signature event.
  9. The White House won't release documents that Supreme Court nominee John Roberts prepared while working in the solicitor general's office from 1989-1993, even if senators who will judge his nomination request them, a senior administration official said Tuesday. Some documents from Roberts' work for two previous Republican presidents were being released Tuesday by the National Archives, and at the urging of Senate Judiciary Chairman Arlen Specter, R-Pennsylvania, the White House was asking the Reagan presidential library to expedite the review of other Roberts records to determine what can be released. But the White House will claim privilege for the work Roberts performed while serving as principal deputy solicitor general in the administration of former President George H.W. Bush. With President Bush's first chance to shape the Supreme Court at stake, the White House is hoping to avoid the kind of showdown with Democrats over document requests that has stymied Senate confirmation of some of the president's other high-profile nominees.
  10. Taken From CNN.com Discovery roared into the blue skies over Florida this morning, marking the first shuttle flight since the 2003 Columbia disaster. The shuttle blasted off as scheduled at 10:39 a.m., following days of troubleshooting to fix a faulty fuel sensor in its external tank. Discovery is scheduled for a 12 day mission to test new shuttle safety features and to deliver supplies to the international space station. Two minutes after liftoff, Discovery's two solid fuel rocket boosters separated from the orbiter as it raced toward Earth orbit. Before boarding the spacecraft, Discovery crew members, who awoke after midnight, appeared at a traditional photo opportunity wearing matching Hawaiian shirts in the crew dining room as astronaut Steve Robinson strummed a guitar. Later the crew donned space suits for their journey and, by 8:22 a.m., all seven were aboard and strapped in. Commander Eileen Collins was the first to board, giving a confident wave to NASA cameras before entering the cockpit.
  11. pitts

    Taylor Is A Punk

    Nice spelling, slick!
  12. Judge orders New York Times reporter Judith Miller jailed for refusing to divulge source who revealed CIA operative.
  13. pitts

    Sexiest Woman Alive

    Carmen Electra is in the new Maxim and she still looks smokin'!!!
  14. pitts

    4th Fireworks

    Does anyone know what time the fireworks are planned to go off this year? All the information I've been seeing is for 2004. Is there an area where I can set off fireworks (Roman candles)?
  15. I never knew about this until I read your post. Please post again and let me and the public know if anything has developed. Two beers at an Orioles game is much more than the $8.85 living wage. Honestly, I do not think the majority of fans know about this. Keep the pressure on Angelos and hopefully public opinion (although in Washington it already stinks) will force him to meet your demands.