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    My Spam Of The Day

    Are you a spammer? (I found your email on a spammer website!?!) +++ Attachment: No Virus found +++ MC-Afee AntiVirus - www.mcafee.com Watch out for this one. The attachment has a virus.
  2. Ms. Matchmaker

    Coming June04

    Can't that be dangerous? Does it only work with one cell phone. I can see someone getting the password and breaking in. Most people will use their date of birth or address.
  3. Ms. Matchmaker

    Topic Categories

    That is a good idea Party Girl. Do you have any suggestions?
  4. Ms. Matchmaker

    Something Corporate @ Nation On Wed.

    You might want to post your event a little earlier, so people can make plans.
  5. Ms. Matchmaker

    Dc Discussions Is Shaping Up!

    Great job gang. We are starting to get people using the message boards. Hopefully I will be able to start matching people soon.