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  1. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon Church) is one of the fastest growing religions in the US and the world. With a major focus on the family and taking care of one another, as well as a focus on the direct teaching of Christ, it's no wonder that people every day are wondering what it takes to join this growing world religion.
  2. Freedom rings in the government buildings. At the White House, you won't be able to meet President Obama or get into the Oval Office, but you'll see a good cross section of the building. That includes the State Dining Room and the famous 1797 portrait of George Washington. Submit your request for a tour through your member of Congress.
  3. ethelknox

    Savage Mill Swimming Hole

    How I wish I could go in this place.
  4. You are a great inspiration to us. Continue to help a lot of people!