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  1. Source: now trending pickproof-bump proof invisible locks home/business
  2. we are the HIGH-TECH LOCK COMPANY( nearly 2 decades installing safety & security solutions) . Launching a remote controllable /invisible lock for both commercial and residential applications. the lock is 100% burglar pick drill proof. What makes this lock so hot?? crooks, thieves & thugs do not have a clue that the door/window is locked or unlocked differently than your neighbors. As a general rule thieves do not want to spend an enormous amount of time . Get in and get out and cha cha cha. Decent lock pickers can be in on average less than 20 seconds. A bad lock picker maybe 30-35 seconds. bottom line whether they pick or bump your locks they can be in your home under a minute. wait for it .... "but I have an alarm". Great hope you use it & authorities arrive on time!!! Let's talk reality for a second. what if you were to put an invisible lock on the door? nobody could see, pick , bump, drill or violate it in any way. Do you think that would be a benefit to you? you get in and out do your business come back-- nobody knows. Even if someone is watching you leave that person would not even have a clue where on the door the lock is ( smashing a door is usually the last option-- making a ton of noise is just not in the crook's best interest). Generally they will go NEXT DOOR. Now these invisible pick proof locks can be attached to wood, metal, glass door and windows. put them on containers, sheds, trucks, airplane cockpits, doctor offices, restaurants, retail and... techno-mall.com barry ritman director of operations "simple solutions for a Secure world"

    Coming June04

    on or around June 04 residents alike will be able call their home or office and remotely unlock and open their front door . Pick up your cell phone call your house and ask that your door be opened. looking for retail sales people who like to diddle with high tech products HIGH-TECH LOCK COMPANY MRTECHLOCK@ATT.NET

    On Or Around June 04

    on or around june 04 , consumers alike will be able to pick up their cell phones and unlock and open their front door. picture this you are coming home late at night with packages... c######--- c######---c###### and you are in. also coming are thumb print front door locks for residentals need pick proof lock cylinders for home or officeHIGH-TECH LOCK COMPANY BARRY RITMAN DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS HIGH-TECH LOCK COMPANY 240 396 1016