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  1. It is time for the Democratic Party to adopt moderate candidates on abortion back into the Party. I have seen many sincere Democrats get thrown out of the Party through financial woes or primary challengers specifically, over this issue. It is time to bring the Catholic vote back to its Kennedy roots. Its time to bring all Latino and especially, Mexican voters back into the Party. And its time to pass an actual health care bill that assists the poor since, many moderates abandoned the issue over abortion... causing everyone in the nation to lose comprehensive care and thus, life. Also, abortion does not even fit into the historical narrative of the Democratic Party. The Party that has always championed the rights of minorities and the poor needs to also, champion the rights of the unborn. Without the Democrats there would be no Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, a minimum wage, child labor laws, or a living wage. In fact, abortion was approved by Republican Nixon & upheld by Ford & Reagan... Please look into Nixon's reasons for why he supported abortion (on his secret White House tapes) & you will learn the gruesome truth of the matter. A matter that the Democrats must turn from and continue to seek to help the poor through education, a decent wage, and economic rights... as most abortions occur for economic reasons... Even President Jimmy Carter came out recently and said that the issue was hurting the Party in the South specifically... Pro Lifers Please Sign the Petition Below and support President Carter's call for a more moderate stance on abortion... http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/bigtent/
  2. who cares what people do in the privacy of their own rooms and with THEIR OWN lives?!
  3. the collapse of the entire world market economy and riots in USA shame of it... this will probably happen
  4. I believe that Brazil will be the world's next China and miracle economy