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  1. JP Cusick

    You should get detached from the fruit of work

    Another point is that Jesus Christ showed the principle of true detachment when crucified, because while on the cross He gave consideration to His mother Mary, and He said to forgive those that were crucifying Him as they knew not what they were doing, so He did not let His horrible circumstance to interfere with His mission nor with His principles. Even before the crucifixion it is said that Jesus was afraid of the self-sacrifice and prayed that the cup be removed from Him, but He did it anyway because He did what was right in spite of His own fears and His discomforts.
  2. JP Cusick

    What is Heaven supposed to be like??

    It has been near 5 years since your post question and hopefully you have done some research or that you are old enough now to face the reality. The Bible (not Christianity) says that "Heaven" means "the heavens" as in outer space as in looking up into the night sky, see link = Genesis 1. And Jesus told about a life here on earth as in "Thy kingdom come ... on earth as it is in heaven." And most of Christianity teaches about a burning "Hell of torment and torture" but the Bible does not, link = There is no Hell. So your grandmother just like my own grandparents and all dead persons throughout mankind are just dead and no longer exist anymore. There is no pain anymore, no hurting for them, as the real "hell" is here on earth as it is now, and the only hope given in the scriptures is that in the future there will be a resurrection of the dead (not resurrecting the living but the dead) and that is our only true hope.
  3. JP Cusick

    You should get detached from the fruit of work

    To get detached from the "fruit" is the height of enlightenment, so very few people even seek that way. My finding of that detachment is that one must do right and reject wrong regardless of the consequence (the fruit). And "right from wrong" does NOT mean "good from bad" because one must do right even when it appears to be "bad" and one must reject wrong even when it appears to be "good" as this is the basic requirement of that detachment. When it is not an equation between "right and wrong" then that kind of "fruit" (consequence) is irrelevant, and that irrelevance is a misleading trap for those seeking detachment in their wrongful ways.
  4. JP Cusick

    U.S. Senate from Maryland.

    I confess that I did not put much info onto my website, but I believe too much info can confuse a campaign. I do not really wish to be contrary and argumentative but that seems to happen to me and from me often, and your words do give me pause which I feel I must confront. I like the idea of helping children and putting children first (as you say), but truly it is the parents' place to raise their own children and our society in trying to help children have instead violated the parents which needs to be stopped. If we were to help animals (wild free animals) like birds, rabbits, bears, etc, then if we touch or handle their babies then the animals will reject and even kill their own offspring because animals do not want people into their parenting business, so the best way to help the baby animals is by giving such help to the parents and then the animal parents will take full care of their own offspring. In our human world we have huge organizations as like the famous "Feed the Children" and such groups who profess to help and to serve children while they exclude the parents as if the parents are the problem or else the parents are irrelevant - and this process is an ignorant procedure which undermines the family unit in that self righteous stance of helping other people's children. Next we now have severely intrusive Child Support and Custody laws under that false pretense of helping the children while instead persecuting, punishing and attacking the parents of the children, so that nonsense needs to be stopped or radically reformed as the laws are doing far worse damage then needs to be done. If we really want to help children then we need to start respecting their parents.
  5. I simply must disagree as our purpose here-and-now is the point and NOT waiting for some later date or some after life because our calling is "now" as in here-and-now. The purpose of life when done correctly is to improve our self as in maturing, and then to improve our surroundings, and then seek to improve the entire world and help to improve everyone in it. Both God and Jesus gave us a to-do list which means for people to-do and not to view one self as above our actions. Remember the story of "The Good Samaritan", as the Priest and the Levite saw them selves as so superior that they would not help the injured man, but then a certain Samaritan showed mercy of the injured man and Jesus said to "go and do likewise", Luke 10:30-37. So it is a matter of DOING and not of waiting or of thinking one self better then the act of doing.
  6. Hi, I am new here to this board but not new to Internet Forums, so I can take the heat of such discussions. My platform is to reform the Child Support laws under federal mandate, and so it will affect the entire USA and not just my Maryland. This is not an attempt to campaign on this forum but just to discuss the issues, and I do not want myself to be anonymous as I stand behind everything which I say or post.
  7. Real life candidate 2012 to the U.S. Senate representing the State of Maryland.