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  1. SPAM Coming from China On Chinese New Year's eve, the family to eat together "reunion dinner", a family reunion festival flavor. For the reunion dinner, the table of the "fish" is not active, because this fish representing "rich" and "annual and superabundant", the symbol of wealth and ahead of next year's "lucky", it belongs to a kind of decoration, is untouchable. (a few different place customs, such as guizhou, the fish is not cannot eat, is to have some left, meaning "annual and superabundant") The climax of the year after New Year's eve elders send "lucky money". Then there is posted Spring Festival couplets and keeper, and closed the door. To junior morning only open "connect mammon", followed by family ShouSui until the wee hours of the morning http://www.guccichinaonline.com http://www.beniceclothes.com http://www.nfljerseysinc.com
  2. chenchen

    New Year's day origin

    Now, most countries in the world to every year from January 1 as New Year's day, because the longitude of the world in different locations, all the time is different also, accordingly, "new date there are also different. Such as Oceania located in the west of the RiJieXian island-state, it is the first of a new day to celebrate New Year's day was first place, also be the country. Located in the east side of the RiJieXian XiSaMaYa is the world's most late start a new day of place. To celebrate the New Year's day The vernal equinox as New Year's day in Afghanistan, As New Year's day; the autumnal equinox jews And frigid the eskimos New Year's day is not fixed, they make the first rain as New Year's day. 46 years BC, Roman emperor Julian, Julius Caesar, beginning he formulated Julian dates of celebrating the winter solstice New Year's day. But people insisted the ShuoRi as New Year's day and so on New Year's day extend to the winter solstice after 10 days. According to the calendar to count, our country is the world's first start New Year 12 countries. Each country because of its history, culture, religion, national habits is different, also have their own ways of celebrating. However, it also makes the world is colorful, more show regional and national characteristics
  3. chenchen

    New Year's day origin

    Egypt is ancient civilizations, 40 years BC, the egyptians can watch astrology, they found that Sirius and the sun rises, the Nile water immediately with rising. The Nile rising waters of Egypt that day as the beginning of the New Year, called "the rising waters New Year". Egypt's KeLuTe people welcome the New Year in the doorway, put a table, QiBaZhi dishes for the soybean, lentils, purple clover and wheat grain, still have many green plants of small bud, the auspicious symbol of abundance. The more thing to god, New Year's harvest more. Egypt's New Year in the autumn, the agricultural production by Egypt from began in autumn
  4. chenchen

    New Year's day origin

    BC, Roman Caesar 46 this day as the western the beginning of the New Year, in order to wish Janus, the Roman mythology Janus also later evolution to the door, and what's the word for English January. Originally the Pope as Jesus was born in January 1 first A.D. 198, also have associated with Jesus, and now it is not so. May in accordance with western common belief of Christianity, still should is on December 25th Christmas day for Chinese New Year, so the western New Year no Christmas anniversary.
  5. chenchen

    New Year's day origin

    "New" yuan ", refers to start, is the first meaning, every few beginning called "yuan", "Denier", Xiang Xing Zi, above the "day" refers to the sun, "a" representative below the horizon. "Denier" namely the sun rising slowly on the horizon, the symbol of the day's start. People put "yuan" and "denier" talaq, extended to combine the first day of the New Year begins. New Year's day is also called "ternary", namely the yuan, months of age of yuan yuan,. New Year's day the word begins with the memorial rituals, tang and five sovereigns Fang Xuan Ling etc. Write the chapter "upload:" in the MengChun emperor xu is yuan, when the spring of New Year's day is shomer." Namely the called yuan, of the first eruptions. In the interface Lan Zi Yun beam people azariah poems also cloud: "four gas new New Year's day, Wan Shou Chu today."