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  1. Pepco is charging its residential (schedule R) customers 10.35 cents per kWh for electricity supply if they live in Maryland and 11.06 cents per kWh if they live in DC. This is 16% to 28% above competitive market prices. Due to de-regulation of the electricity industry in DC and Maryland, Pepco customers can choose the energy company that supplies the electricity delivered to them by Pepco. Choose a low cost supplier and you can reduce your Pepco bill. The competitive market price for electricity supply - the lowest price at which competing energy companies will supply electricity - is 8.6 cents per kWh if they live in DC and 8.9 cents per kWh if they live in Pepco's service area in Maryland. To understand how this works and to see the price difference, go to http://www.lowerelec...rates.com/pepco . It takes about four minutes to lower the price of your electricity and costs nothing to do so.