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    Visit The C & O Canal

    Starting in Georgetown and continuing for 13 miles to Great Falls Park in Virginia, you can enjoy the beautiful National Park. It is a great place to enjoy the outdoors and wildlife of Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas. The history of the C & O Canal dates back to the 18th century and since 1971 it has been a national park. At the Georgetown Visitor Center you can obtain a map and explore by foot, bicycle, or mule-drawn boat.
  2. ThatManGreg

    Paddle Boat at Tidal Basin

    If whether persists this weekend take a trip to The Tidal Basin in Washington DC. It will be the last weekend of the year to be able to go paddle boating. You will have a blast for only $10 an hour for a 2 person boat or $18 an hour for a 4 person boat, so whether you are double dating or just enjoying the company of your significant other this will be a great time. The Jefferson Memorial is within great view from the water, easy to relax while sightseeing. Directions from The National Mall, head west on Independence Avenue until you reach 15th Street, turn left and continue south on 15th Street toward the Jefferson Memorial. The paddle boat dock will be on your right hand side. From 10 AM to 6 PM come enjoy the paddle boats for the final time this year.
  3. ThatManGreg

    US Flag with 61 stars???

    On June 27, 2010 a man in Dallas, Texas made a gruesome discovery. When he opened his newly, purchased flag from The Dollar Tree something didn't seem right to the man. The flag had 11 extra stars where the 50 stars really should have been. Check out how the media replied...
  4. ThatManGreg

    Would You Sell Out Too?

    Despite its claim that it slashes profits to the bone in order to deliver "Always Low Prices," Wal-Mart banks about $7 billion a year in profits, ranking it among the most profitable entities on the planet.Of the 10 richest people in the world, five are Waltons - the ruling family of the Wal-Mart empire. S. Robson Walton is ranked by London’s "Rich List 2001" as the wealthiest human on the planet, having sacked up more than $65 billion (£45.3 billion) in personal wealth and topping Bill Gates as No. 1.
  5. ThatManGreg

    American Consumers Want to Buy Made in USA

    Congress Passes Made in America Promise Act NEW YORK - September 16th 2010,
  6. ThatManGreg

    The 2010 Christmas Season

    That's why these ornaments are so great. They are made, proudly, by good old fashion American Craftsmanship.
  7. ThatManGreg

    Ed Reed back?

    Ed Reed was at practice on Wednesday. When he was asked if he was going to play Sunday against the Bills he basically said, he felt good but wasn't exactly sure if he would be active. On a good note though, Baltimore has a bye week after their game with Baltimore. So, expect the monster to be back in 2 weeks for sure!
  8. ThatManGreg

    Halloween Weekend Bash

    Friday the 29th @ 9:00 to Sunday the 31st @ 11:30. Largest party in DC, let alone Georgetown. Cash Prizes for best costume and don't forget the Drink Specials. Going to be a wild time this Halloween Weekend.
  9. ThatManGreg

    Are The Skins Really Ready

    Can the Redskins go 2-0? The Texans will be coming to Washington after their win against Peyton Manning and the Colts. The Cowboys Offensive line was said to be the reason the Cowboys lost that game, they punished themselves with the unnecessary penalties. The Redskins will be matched up against a powerful running and passing game led by Matt Schaub. The defense must step up if they wanna start this year with a 2-0 record. Don't forget Donovan McNabb has to start putting the points on the board, everything can't be done by the kicker. The game is Sunday at 4:15 on CBS if you can't make it to the Washington home game!!
  10. ThatManGreg

    Metro Bus

    Each time I hoped on a Metro Bus there was a $1.70 fare. Thats not a problem, it's when you need to transfer on to 2 or 3 more buses it becomes a little ridiculous. Don't forget about the ride back either, that's another 2 or 3 transfers. So, all together at the end of the trip I ended up spending $12. The total was actually $10.80 but, since I didn't have the change, I had to pay $2 each time. It was a peaceful and smooth ride, but I could have taken a cab for just as much and gotten there three times as fast.
  11. ThatManGreg

    Welsh Park's Skate Park

    Located off Martin's Lane, behind the Swim Center The Park Includes: 24 ft wide, 4 ft tall mini-ramp. 3 ft - 4 ft tall, 20 ft wide half pipe with extension. 2 ledges 3-set, 5-set Euro-gap Huge pump-hump Quarter pipes, rails, and fun boxes. The park is nicely sized. Enough room for all skaters alike. More of a design for intermediate skaters or more experienced skaters. It's FREE and it's optional to wear a helmet. Use common sense because nobody is on site for emergency purposes. If I had to rate it I would give it 3 out of 5 stars.
  12. ThatManGreg

    A few of the Recession Proof Jobs

    Security- No matter how bad the economy is there will always be a need for policemen, fireman, etc. Health care- Once again it does not matter how bad the times are we will constantly need highly trained nurses, doctors, physical therapists, etc. Education- The economy may be going downhill, but the population isn't. This only means teachers and principals will almost never lose their jobs in poor times. Food Industry- No one can go without eating even during the recession. People will start going to cheaper take-away restaurants, rather than all the highly priced restaurants that will probably fall during these times. Handyman Services- This varies from electricians to carpenters, even to automobile mechanics. Skilled professionals in these so called "trades" will still need to make emergency repairs.
  13. ThatManGreg

    Washington DC Factoids

    There has been only four Presidents who were assassinated while in office. These Presidents consist of Abraham Lincoln (16th President), James Garfield (20th President), William McKinley (25th President), and John F. Kennedy (35th President). All of these Presidents were oddly enough apart of Tecumseh's Curse. This curse began with the death of William Harrison who won the Presidential election in 1840 becoming the 9th President. He sadly died after only being in office for thirty two days. This was the first in the series of deaths known as Tecumseh's Curse. The Presidents that were elected during a year ending in zero would die in office, either assassinated or dying of other causes while still serving their terms. All four of the presidents that were assassinated were all elected during a year ending in zero.
  14. I have done some research on this. The only thing I could find was that saying your head will blow up is basically a myth. However, I did read if you hold in a sneeze, one too many times, could cause a problem with your ear drum. It could cause permanent damage and possibly ear infections. Could anyone help out and let me know if this about blowing your ear drums is true please let me know, or if it is even a danger at all to hold in a sneeze!
  15. ThatManGreg

    Bullsharks in Potomac

    Just last month two 8ft Bull sharks were caught in the Potomac River. Could this have anything to do with this insane weather caused by Global Warming? Yes, bull sharks can survive in fresh water. It is said to be that the reason the sharks are found in these abnormal places is because they are looking for food resources. Even though the professional biologists will tell you it is very rare to find one of these amazing beasts in a river like the Potomac. So, what is the cause of these prominently salt water fish doing in the fresh water of the Potomac River?
  16. ThatManGreg

    Bacon Ice Cream

    Personally I believe ice cream and bacon should stay apart from one another on the food pyramid. How does everyone else feel about this type of desert (if you can even call it that). Please let me know how this appeals to you!
  17. ThatManGreg

    Washington DC Factoids

    August 24, 1814 was the only time since The Revolutionary War, that a foreign power has taken control of the Nation's capital. It was supposedly the British's retaliation to the American's burning and looting of York at the Battle of York in 1813. York is now known as Toronto, Canada which was occupied and controlled by the British at the time. The British Army occupied Washington DC after the American loss at the Battle of Bladensburg. The British commanders ordered the troops to only set fire to the public buildings. The White House and U.S. Capitol were two of the many other buildings destroyed by fire because of the British troops taking control of the city for a short time. The little bit of time the British did have the city at their control put a mark in the U.S. history books forever.
  18. ThatManGreg

    Markoff's Haunted Forest

    I went to Markoff's last year and it was a great time with several scares along the way... Great to go with a group of friends. If you think you are too big and bad to get scared. Well go to this haunted forest and I guarantee there will be someone or something that will pop out at you and literally give you a "run for your money"! Bring cash as they do not take credit cards or checks and there is no ATM for miles.
  19. ThatManGreg

    Stand Up Comedy

    Every Thursday night come check out the local comedians in The Washington DC area. It is a free show from 8-10 pm at The Topaz Bar. Located at 1733 N Street NW in DC. for more info check out, http://www.standupcomedytogo.com (Select See a Show at top of page and then Topaz Thursdays)
  20. ThatManGreg

    Today is National Puncuation Day!

    Praise the Period, crave the Comma, and perceive the parentheses. September 24, 2010 is the 7th Annual National Punctuation Day created by Jeff Rubin. The holiday actually first began August 22nd for the first couple of years. Then in 2006 it was changed to today's date to place it during the school year nationwide. This day was created to remind children and adults that punctuation is still an important necessity in everyday life. Especially during the modern age of text messaging, facebook, and twitter. So get out there and use that punctuation properly.
  21. ThatManGreg

    GOP Pledge to America

    When asked how they were going to reform Social Security Boehner is quoted as saying "I don't know." Soooo, there's your answer.
  22. ThatManGreg

    Washington DC Factoids

    Go-Go originated in the mid 1970's in Washington D.C. It is only getting more popular in the area as it is considered a regional music style.
  23. ThatManGreg

    A Taste of Georgetown

    On October 9th from 11am - 4pm, one of the oldest cities in Washington DC, Georgetown will be having a fall food festival. Located down Wisconsin Avenue, between M and South Street. Over 25 of Washington DC's most popular restaurants will serve samples of their signature dishes. There will also be wine, beer, and cider tastings. Don't forget to bring the kids, there will be children activities and live music.
  24. ThatManGreg

    Are The Skins Really Ready

    Bad coaching could have been the cause. But once the O-line is built back up the team will start doing well offensively...The secondary of the Cowboys still needs help, Mike Jenkins can't do everything. Personally I don't think the Redskins are ready for a winning season. They still need a lot of help.