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    Traveling, art, reading,animals, music, cooking, shopping, shoes, citytrips, Norway, USA, gardening, cars, too much to handle actually.

About Me

My name is Edel, as in edelweiss. I was born and raised in The Netherlands, a small west-European country that borders the North Sea in the west and north, Germany in the east, Belgium in the south. We -the Dutch- are known for our wooden shoes, windmills, tulips, cheese and not in the least, for our red light district in Amsterdam and our policy regarding softdrugs. Well, we are much more than just these things, but I will not display all our (bad) habits here. We are pretty much the same as people anywhere: we have good ones and we have bad ones. And I am just a good girl with a few bad habits...


I share my life with a very nice and gentle man, who is a father of two grown-up sons (20 and 23) and I myself am a mom of a 28 year old male kid. Since late Oct. 2008 he and his girlfriend had a son of their own, so we are grandparents now of -you know- the best, sweetest, brightest, prettiest and cutest little boy who ever saw daylight. The only thing I can't get used to is the Dutch word for grandma: oma... sounds old, gray and dull, while I still feel young, crispy and sparkling ;-)


Through the years I travelled a lot. I lived in NJ for almost 5 years (New Brunswick and Lawrenceville), for about 6 months in Izmir-Turkey and made trips (some short, some long) to Luxembourg, Austria, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Rumenia, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Aruba, Curacao, Venezuela, Brazil, England, Scottland, Ireland and to the US (after I stopped living there). I never thought that the US would feel as my second homeland, but since I left my footprints behind, I do miss living there, the wonderful weather, the smell, the dollars, the shops, NYC and of course all of you! I try my very best to spend as many vacations as possible at your side of the ocean and for this year it worked out really great again. We are going to spend 5 weeks in Sept./Oct. in New Orleans, some parts of TX, then CA and AZ, fly to the east to the DC area and then we have to travel back to Holland...


Anyway, I am endless with words, could write a real novel, but this will do for the time being. Hopefully somebody has a great tip for our stay near to DC, but we'll find our way anywhere. Well, cheers to new friends and hope to chat later.