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  1. Thanks for your reply, Joyce. In the meantime we found a nice place to stay outside DC. I'm sure we gonna love it and have a wonderful time there ;-)
  2. We are a friendly couple in our 50's from Holland and we plan a 6-night stay in/near DC. We have seen enough of hotels and therefore we are looking for a clean and neat place to rent, like a basement or a spare room with a nice bed and a private bathroom with some towels. We arrive (late) on Oct. 14 and leave on Oct. 20. We are willing to pay $ 350,- - $ 500,- for 6 nights, depending of what you ask and have to offer. Distance may be up to about 50 miles from DC, we have a car to go sightseeing. We are definately easygoing people, you won't even notice we're around. We are not looking for extra services like breakfast and all kinds of amenities, just a save and clean place to spend the nights and take a warm and refreshing shower. Thank you, we hope to hear from you.