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    Do not use www.parkingticket.com. They are a bunch of thieves and they will not win your parking ticket for you. They will keep your money and they employee people who specifically give you the run around when its time to get a refund. Here is a tip if you have been scammed by the parkingticket.com scam site and you want to get them back. Call your credit card company and say you would like to dispute the charge. They will ask you the date and info about the the transaction. They will have you send you letter you need to sign and detail the information about the reason you are disputing the charge. You will get credited the amount you paid parkingticket.com and to put some icing on the cake!! parkingingticket.com will get charged a dispute fee of $25 to $50 depending on there merchant credit card processor. So for all you people that have been scammed by these scammers, please call your credit card company and dispute the charge now. If enough people call in and dispute the charges to there credit cards parkingticket.com will be shut down. Tell your friends and post this to message board on the internet to spread the word. If we all do it no one else be fall into the parkingticket.com scam!