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    The CBSNews website bans or allows the banning by autoban functions by participants...if anyone posts opposition opinions that are negative to our current administration in Washington, DC...those posters are banned. CBS allows one blogster to register under many assumed alias's at the same time who posts propaganda 24/7 and attacks anybody who posts an opposing view...and apparently uses the report abuse function to have people banned. CBS knows this person does this, they have been notified of it multiple times...to the point they even changed the telephone number for their corporate headquarters after they had told me that they would call me back with the information and the reasons that I was being banned from their boards. When no one had called me back in two days, I called back and their number was no longer in service. Therefore CBS leaves one to assume one of two things: They allow an individual to abuse others on their comments board, or... This person is in fact a CBS intern whom they've allowed to monitor their comment board and post pro-administration propaganda and remove blogsters who are posting the truth. Twice now I have contacted their office with a promise of a returned call...to no avail. Therefore I am left to assume that CBS runs a SCAM for their blog forum. User 23007944142460477194115418582836 is banned.