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    Press Conference

    Although my relationship with Justin is over and I am currently on my new bi-sexual kick, I still take offense to when people make fun of JT. He has been my friend since we were young and he will always have a special place in my heart.
  2. BSpears1

    Grand Slam Sports Bar

    This is what I thought of Grand Slam Sports Bar....Anyone have any suggestions about where else I could go? There were tons of cute, single guys there and they had great drink specials (especially on beer).In addition to the TVs and many baseball-cap-wearing patrons, the Grand Slam has a Chuck E. Cheese quality to it. A basketball hoop and a variety of video games are scattered around the bar, which only increases the potential fun that may be had at Grand Slam. The Grand Slam is near the MCI Center and gives people the chance to take the metro so they don't have to drink and drive.
  3. BSpears1

    Hot Politicians

    Since JFK we have not had a truly good-looking man in office. I am a strong supporter of getting Gore into office next term. The country always seems to run smoother when there is a good-looking man in office.
  4. BSpears1

    Press Conference

    I was recently a participant of a press conference last Wed. at the Ritz in DC. I meet a girl from a company called DCpages and she gave me a co-workers ##. I wrote it down but I seemed to have missed placed the #. I would love to get it back so I can meet this man. I think his name was Matt. Someone please send me his phone number. My e-mail is: BSpears1@hitmebabyonemoretime.com Thanks, Brit