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  1. Looking for commited, professional, hard working band, with vison. I live in Woodbridge Virginia, I have my own home recording studio, all the equipment I need for my work, can play keyboard, bass, drums, violin, sax, trumpet, all string instruments, but love playing guitar. I also sing. and compose all of my music and songs, arrange from the heart, like entertaining people, that's my gift, If I'm what you're looking for then gimmie a shout. Tree
  2. Well, there is a lot that I have experienced in the field of music, and still learning. But to make a long story short, I don't believe in running my mouth, and typing a whole lot about me, you just will have to see for yourself, actions speaks louder than words, If you need a guitar player for all occasions, then I'm the guy you need to meet, I play it all, you name it, then we are on, stage presence, showmanship, hard worker, whatever it takes to get the job done, I enjoy having fun making music, played in all kinda situations, sometimes did'nt know where the next meal was coming from, YEAH.. I been there, paid my dues and still paying some more, I don't care much for heavy metal and rapp, I can play it, just don't need a hearing lost at my age. Okay that wraps it up for now, gotr my own home recording studio which I am learning to use for my songs, and creativity, gimmie a shout. my email---- treejackson@aol.com Peace out Tree
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    Christian Song Writer Waiting...

    I have been in gospel music for 21 or more years, wrote 3 albums, and have 23 songs on the market, have you ever heard of these gospel groups? HI WAY Q'CS, SHIRLEY CEASAR, SWAN SILVERTONES, MIGHTY CLOUDS OF JOY, and more, I played guitar and wrote songs for the Q'cs, been performing in washington many times, at the Kennedy center and radio music hall, years back, still writing and doing studio work, peace out and be blessed.