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    Good Review Of Dc's Air Nightclub

    Ron, Air closed for the season about 2 weeks ago....did they open the club just for you???
  2. rara

    Espn Zone

    My personal review of espn zone... During the big games the Zone atmosphere becomes electric and folks file in hours early to snag a good spot. A mingling of business folks, construction workers and students clamber to secure primo seats in the screening room, while sports fans of all backgrounds cluck with delight over platefuls of wings, a cold beer in hand. In the game area, the quarters are flowing as kids and adults test their skills with interactive basketball, air hockey, batting cages and all the video games you can think of. There is also a full retail shop that has a variety of sports paraphernalia. I had a great time going there to watch the ravens game the other day. Lots of hot guys !!!!!!
  3. I recently visited the Capitol Lounge in DC. Here's what I thought: There's something about this place that makes it feel perfectly situated for Capitol Hill -- and we mean that in a good way. Perhaps it's the bar's ability to be many things to many different people. It's bipartisan -- make that dual-partisan -- with one area full of Republican wall hangings, such as a vintage Nixon poster, and another area featuring the likes of LBJ, Kennedy and other Democratic icons. The downstairs features a cigar bar while the upstairs has two bars, pool tables and enough TVs to appease nearly every sports fan. The bar is a haven for DC soccer fans, and with the international crowd the nation's capital draws, that can be a large constituency. Even when soccer fans aren't packing the place, the stream of football club scarves hanging behind the main bar demonstrates its true colors. In addition to a do-it-yourself Bloody Mary bar and one of the more eclectic jukeboxes in town, Capitol Lounge has also earned a reputation for having a standout Sunday brunch. Let me know what you guys think.....
  4. i do not recall asking you for your opinion.
  5. rara

    Scary Movies

    cold creek manor was pretty good but cabin fever sucked
  6. rara

    Spanish Clubs

    J-lo, try cafe citron, casa vez, cuzco, or cafe salsa
  7. not to be rude but you need to change your email address if you want people to respond to you. like h*ll i would respond to psycho@yahoo.com YEP!!!
  8. rara

    26 Yo Cute Guy, Businessman

    is your email address really yourdevice???
  10. rara

    Where To Go

    Ed, Why don't you try going to Caddie's in Bethesda. You might have some luck there but you may find the girls alittle materialistic. Try going to Air. The new bar/club next to Michael Jordan's restaurant.
  11. Em, I'm gonna need you to know how to spell my name correctly. That is probably why I did not talk to you when I met you at Spa. Plus, your music is wack and your whole bad boy act is so not cute anymore. Holla at me when you get your sh*t together. RACHEL
  12. Recently I went to Ten Phen, which was a great dining experience on the cornor of 10th & Penn. I enjoyed the food a lot and the service was excellent. Can anyone recommend some more places to eat in DC??
  13. I need to know if anyone out there would like to start a carpool with me M-F. I have three kids who go to Bullis. I live in Potomac. Let me know.