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    Christmas trees

    so, the question is what kind of tree do you put up for Christmas? Whats your favorite?
  2. mumsie25123

    mothman in west virgina I am ready to meet him

    Joe, I drove by the farm last night and saw a strange black creature hovering outside your window,were you expecting visitors?
  3. mumsie25123

    I am having a great week since the Redskins won

    Hi Joe, i'm glad to hear about your mom,i hope we see you soon. we are getting ready for the season to start, its cold out today, will you be coming to see us?
  4. mumsie25123

    I am having a great week since the Redskins won

    Way to go redskins hi Joe
  5. mumsie25123

    artificial vs. real trees

    Real Trees are grown not produced in a factory they are 100% biodegradeable. Artificial trees approx. 85% are manufactured in china using pvc (a plastic produced using petrolium products and lead) also using metal (formed from mining of iron ore). Real trees are replanted every year and absorb carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) while they are growing and after harvest when they decompose, carbon, nitrogen and other elements are released into soil providing nutrients for new plants to grow completing a natural and environmentally friendly cycle. Artificial trees produce no environmental benifits and are not recyclable with the exception of the small amounts of metal used but usually just get sent to a landfill for centuries. The production of real trees does produce small amounts of greenhouse gasses production requires about 5 oz of petrolum per tree per year but this amount is nowhere near the amount that is required to produce artificial trees not to mention the toxic chemicals that are used in the production of artificial trees.
  6. mumsie25123

    Christmas tree farms

    most states have a list of Christmas tree farms, or choose and cut trees, just check the national christmas tree association for farms in your area
  7. mumsie25123

    Christmas tree farms

    In what way did it make for a good family experience? Activities?, or family togetherness?
  8. mumsie25123

    Christmas tree farms

    What draws you to a Christmas tree farm?
  9. mumsie25123

    Presents to Santa

    If Santa Claus delivers presents to the entire world, Who delivers presents to Santa??? The Elves make all the presents so do they make their own???