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    ive been gettin really pumped on this band from orange county called Damage..currently listening to their song "my point of view" one of those epic songs that just gets your blood flowing an your head bobbing..check them out for sureeeeeeeee i think you guys will like them a lot..check them out at myspace.com/damage "point of view" is a ggreat song!
  2. ottosubset

    if you like mellow acoustic music....

    then you HAVE TO listen to Keaton Simons hes this up and coming artist who just came out with a CD a couple months ago. hes got the smoothest voice around and his music is just greaaat. his guitar skills are also top notch. hes just one of those artists where you can just close your eyes and listen to his music and just relax to so if you guys like mellow music like john mayer and stuff like that. you HAVE to check out keaton. you can find him on myspace. what do you think????