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  1. It is entertaining to say the least to read the partisan rhetoric posted on this topic. In the middle of this issue is the solution the American Public needs. The Democrats (the lawyers) have basically ignored the fact that TORT REFORM is a major component of fixing the soaring cost of healthcare. They refuse to acknowledge this because the trial lawyers profit from malpractice lawsuits everyday for which the patient may be lucky to get 30 to 40% of the settlement while the lawyers get the other 60 to 70%. In addition to Tort Reform, we need FREE MARKETS to ensure that prices stay IN CHECK. For Example, in the state of Maryland, the marketplace is controlled predominantly by two companies, CAREFIRST and UNITED HEALTHCARE. Is this good for the CONSUMER, absolutely not. A key component of making coverage affordable is to have healthy competition in the marketplace, we can't achieve this when the lionshare of the market is controlled by two companies. Lastly, America needs to wake up and realize that the final piece of the this puzzle is PREVENTATIVE HEALTHCARE. We have far too many people overweight, out of shape, and as a result are a drain on the system. WE need some incentives in the marketplace to encourage people to be healthy. Maybe a TAX CREDIT for people who get a good bill of health for a PHYSICAL. If your overweight, have high cholesorol, or have high blood pressure, YOU ARE LOSING MONEY IN THE FORM OF A TAX CREDIT. The HSAs or HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNTS were actually a way to reward good health. Patients with great health actually kept their savings and could invest those dollars tax free. Lastly, we need to address the patent duration on prescription drugs. When Drugs hit the marketplace, the public pays dearly while the patent is in place. Once the patent is up, the generic market drives the price down almost 200%. In summary, 1. TORT REFORM 2. FREE MARKETS & MORE COMPETITORS 3. PREVENTATIVE HEALTHCARE INCENTIVES 4. DRUG PATENT DURATION GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTHCARE WOULD BE A NATIONAL DISASTER. IF YOU THINK GOVERNMENT IS EFFICIENT, JUST LOOK NO FURTHER THAN THE NATIONAL DEBT TO SEE HOW FISCALLY IRRESPONSIBLE BOTH PARTIES HAVE BEEN WITH TAXPAYER DOLLARS. DATING BACK SEVERAL DECADES, ALMOST EVERY GOVERNMENT PROGRAM HAS DOUBLED AND TRIPLED IN COST AND SIZE. HEALTHCARE WOULD BE NO DIFFERENT. IN THE END, WE CANT AFFORD THIS ROUTE, HOWEVER WE CAN CUT THE COST WAY DOWN BY REFORMING THE AREAS I OUTLINED.