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  1. Republicans

    I am focused on writing about the Didache. Once I am done, then I will participate in politics again.

    I take it you are not a Donald Trump fan Human?
  3. Republicans

    May our Creator bless you Human to take the right direction.
  4. CAPA software

    Are you asking about the best corrective and preventive action compliance software? If yes, what is your trade? I might be able to help you.
  5. What are you currently playing?

    That is beautiful. I have two children of my own.
  6. Love and mercy

    Ennin you wrote: You would think that Muslims would have learned from being humiliated, tortured, and killed that they would have Love and Mercy towards Christians and other Muslims. But, then again the Jews were humiliated, tortured, and killed by the Christians, and the Nazis. They did not learn and do the same. Christians are just as guilty. What do all three have in common. No Love or Mercy. Jews, Christians, and Muslims that do not practice Love and Mercy will get none from the Creator (Hashem, The Father, Allah). I really liked this part. This is first time you really impressed me. I believe in the 21st Century either two things will happen. First, Love and Mercy will continue to be replaced by Hate and Cruelty and there will be more blood shed. Or the Faiths will realize coercion (force) conversions do not work and the people will be drawn to the religion that shows the Most Love and Mercy. I pray that Protestant, Catholics, and Orthodox reconcile. I pray that Sunni and Shia reconcile. I pray that Orthodox, Conservative, and Reformed Jews reconcile with Messianic Jews. I pray that Jews, Christians, and Muslims realize they are brothers and sisters under the Creator (Hashem, The Father, Allah). People come together for the World Cup Soccer game. I pray to the the Creator (Hashem, The Father, Allah) that there be a day where Jews, Christians, and Muslims come together in prayer. Imagine 3 Billion plus people coming together praising our Creator (Hashem, The Father, Allah) and praying for peace and then breaking bread together in fellowship. Talk about Miracles. That is what our Creator (Hashem, The Father, Allah) wants. I think the Creator would consider it a Miracle for mankind to put aside selfish differences and come together for just one day to praise Him together as one body. Afterwards, all sides can debate using reason and not missiles, bombs, guns and knives. I bet many nonBelievers would covert of their own Free Will. AMEN.
  7. Love and mercy

    Peace be with you Ennin. You wrote: Jews and Christians do not believe that face of the Creator. Exodus 33 Even the Quran writes that Moses could not see the Divine face of the Creator. Al-A'raf (The Heights) Those instances where prophets saw the Creator involved visions, theophanies (limited manifestation tangible to the human senses), or anthropomorphic representations (human traits, emotions, and intentions) of the Creator rather than encounters with His unveiled Divine essence Christians believe Scripture that Jesus was always with the Creator and never ceased being the word of the Creator. Jesus testified the wisdom of the Creator which is eternal. John 1 Those whom our Father has chosen for salvation among believe in Jesus and his teachings. John 6 Jude 1 I ask the Creator to bless you Ennin in searching for the truth. Here is a beautiful passage in the Jewish Bible on the Creator rewards for those that show compassion and Mercy towards others. I find it ironic how people can show love and mercy towards an animal, but cruelty towards a fellow human being. I pray for those that abuse any living creature.
  8. Love and mercy

    Ennin you wrote: 2.2 billion plus Christians, 1.6 billion plus Muslims, and 14 million Jews believe in the angel Gabriel came to the prophets. Daniel 8 Luke 1 Acts 1 Christians and Muslims are witnesses to Jesus Christ. Acts 2 It was the Joel that prophesied the Creator's bestowing His Holy Spirit on mankind. Joel 2 Jews use the Ruach Hakodesh (see above), Muslims use the term Ruh al-Qudus. Notice the similarities in the pronunciation. Ruach and Ruh mean 'Spirit.' Hakodesh and al-Qudus both mean 'Holy.' Ruach Hakodesh and Ruh al-Qudus are names for Hashem/Allah/Creator. In the End the Saints will judge the Angels that rebelled against the Creator, but no one Judge will judge His Spirit. 1 Corinthians 6 The Creator uses many messengers to reveal His word. Jews, Christians and Muslims believe that it is important to listen to the messenger. In Islam the Messenger shares a throne with the Creator/Allah and is obeyed. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam believe that the Creator (Hashem, the Father, Allah) used angels as Messengers to communicate with Abraham and Lot. The Throne of the Creator is the reigning center of (Hashem, the Father, Allah) of the Abrahamic religions: primarily Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The throne is said by various holy books to reside beyond the Seventh Heaven and is called Araboth in Judaism,and al-'Arsh in Islam. Many in the Christian religion consider it as symbolic or allegorical. Most Jews and Christians do not believe the Creator (Hashem, the Father, Allah) shares al-'Arsh with Angels. But, Pope Saint Gregory I lists seven angels (Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel (or Anael), Simiel, Oriphiel and Raguel) sitting around the throne of the Creator. In the name of our Creator/Allah, the Compassionate ('al-Rahman') and the Merciful (al-Rahim) speak more about compassion and mercy. Ennin you wrote: Before the Fall Adam and Eve could see the Creator. After the Fall, only Jesus was pure enough to able to see the face of the Creator. The Creator did directly communicate to Greater Prophets like Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Rebekah, Jacob, Laban, Moses, Samuel, Job, etc. And as Mormons believe, Joseph Smith. The Creator sent messengers to prophets like Daniel, David, Mary, Elizabeth, etc. And as you believe, Mohamed. The Holy Spirit has no face. The Holy Spirit is an active force of the Creator that resides inside some of us. The Jews consider the Holy Spirit to be Divine Inspiration. I consider the Holy Spirit to be the Wisdom of Truth that dwells in my life. 2 Corinthians 6 (P46 Translation)
  9. Love and mercy

    Ennin first you wrote Mohamed was a medium of the Holy Spirit Gabriel. Now you state that Mohammad is in fact the Holy Spirit Gabriel. With do respect this leads to a whole new thinking of the Bible. Was this Angel of Mohammed moving over the surface of water with the Creator during Creation? Genesis 1 So you are stating the Israelites were offending the Angel Mohammad that was among them? Where in the Quran does Mohammad state that he existed before Jesus? Christians and Jews believe that the Israelites were offending the Creator. Isaiah 63 Was King David speaking about the Angel Mohammad that could be everywhere and anywhere? Jews and Christians believe only the Creator can do that. I thought Muslims believe that too??? Psalms 139 The Quran agrees that the Creator is everywhere and knows your thoughts. Al-Baqarah (The Cow) Did the Angel Mohammed breathe into Mary and give her life. Christians believe it was the Creator's Holy Spirit. Al-Anbya (The Prophets) Do you believe the Angel Mohammad led Jesus when He was in the wilderness for 40 days and tempted by Satan? Christians believe Jesus was lead by the Creator. Luke 4 Does the Angel Mohammad reside in the righteous? Christians believe the Creator's Holy Spirit resides in those that love and follow Him. John 14 And does what you state mean the Apostles of Jesus received the Angel Mohamed? Christians believe it was the Creator's Holy Spirit. John 20 Was it the Angel Mohammad with the Apostles that said it was ok for Gentiles to eat ALL types of Meat as long as it was not strangled or sacrificed to idols. Christians believe it was the Creator. Acts 15 Finally you make a blanket statement that ALL nonMuslims eat pork, drink alcohol, adultry, usury, and gambling. The Jews I know do not eat pork. Are you all knowing like the Creator? Did the Angel Mohammad give you this revelation that you can see into the thoughts of all men? Qur'an Surat Al-Baqarah (The Cow) According to your statement, Jesus was NOT a Muslim for creating wine for His family's wedding. And since Jesus created wine by the Authority of the Creator, I guess the Creator is NOT a Muslim as well. Did you mean to say drunks (alcoholics)? Christians do not believe it acceptable to be drunk. John 2 I reject the idea that the Angel Gabriel is Mohammad. I reject the idea that the Angel Gabriel's power is infinite like the Creator. I reject that the idea that the Angel Gabriel can be at an infinite number of places at one time like the Creator. I reject the idea that the Angel Gabriel knows our thoughts like the Creator. I reject the idea that the Angel Gabriel was with the Creator during the time of creation. I reject the idea that the Angel Gabriel or Mohammad created or helped create Adam or Jesus. For these reasons alone I know that both the Angel Gabriel and Mohammad are not the Creator's Holy Spirit. But, I accept that both Gabriel and Mohammad have a spirit that our Creator gave them. I also accept that the Angel Gabriel is one of our Creator's messengers. Leave the judging to the Creator. He alone knows our true intentions. Imam An-Nawawi's Forty Hadiths HADITH 1 Qur'an Al-Furqan (The Criterian) - You wrote: Jesus words are eternal, because they were given to Him by the Creator. His work is not done and both Christians and Muslims believe he will be back in the end. Planting trees and feeding animals are great, but true Love and Mercy is loving your neighbor. Luke 10 Peace be with you Ennin. May our Creator help us all find Love and Mercy.
  10. Is Uber changing the whole dynamic?
  11. The Bank Night Club

    Anyone remember the Bank Night Club? I remember money dropping from the ceiling while we were dancing.
  12. Love and mercy

    There are a lot of Muslims that are very good, I pray our Creator save them and give them guidance that His Holy Spirit is NOT the Angel Jibreel. I pray that Muslims do not believe that Jibreel is not the Angel that breathed life into man. I pray that Muslims do not believe that Angels and Men bow down to the the Angel Jibreel. Only the Creator has that power and we should fear and love Him. I pray Muslims see that Jibreel is only a holy messenger of the Creator. I pray that Muslims see Prophets come for all mankind. I pray that Muslims see that Jesus came for all mankind. I pray that all people throughout the world including Christians, Muslims, annd Jews do not believe Allah inseminated the Blessed Mary. I pray that all people in the world can understand love and good works to others they can attain paradise and be called Children of the Creator. I pray Muslims see that the Creator judges their heart and not their appearence. I pray Muslims do not distort Jewish and Christian scripture. I pray that through the power of the Creator Jesus was able to heal the sick, teach the true meaning of love, and judge those who transgress. I pray that Muslims follow the command the Creator gave Jesus for all to love. I pray for all Muslims who consider Mohamed greater than Jesus. I pray that they see that this is not a competition. That all the righteous are children of the Creator. I pray for fanatical Muslims, Christians, and Jews that shed innocent blood and have evil thoughts in their minds. Matthew 7 John 8 I pray that you Ennin see that (Hashem, The Father, Allah) is the eternal creative force of love in the universe. It is through the love of (Hashem, The Father, Allah) that all living things and laws were created, so that they could share His reality. May the Creator have Love and Mercy on us All.
  13. Love and mercy

    Ennin, Those videos are very difficult to understand. The audio is garbled. I listened to a minute and half on the first video. A woman asked why women and babies are not seen at these discussions. The response was that women are at discussions with other women. This does not answer what debated with you. Am I to understand, that you cannot reasonably refute what I stated and have accepted what I have written? If yes, please let me understand how women and babies that are not seen at Muslim discussions are related to what I have written and love and mercy. All I can say is that women are part of the Creator's spirit as much as men. It takes a woman an man in union to create an offspring, except in the cases of Adam, Eve, and Jesus. Through, the love of the Creator for mankind, the physical aspect of Jesus was conceived through Mary. I ask through your words to explain. Not through a video. Because, many readers will have the same difficulty understanding the context of Love and Mercy. Unless, you can explain the video for people to understand the reason why you have posted it. Thanks.
  14. Love and mercy

    Ennin, I really enjoyed reading from your thoughtful response. It is my hope that both Christians and Muslims read our dialogues. You ask why did Christians change? It is the whole reason why I am writing about the Didache. As previously stated, we both agree that Gabriel is a messenger from the Creator. But, I disagree with you with the prophets only. Unless you include all the Righteous followers of the Creator as well. Paul would agree with you that Angels come to the all the that follow the Creator. He testified this long before Mohamed. Hebrew 1 Moses testified about the Creator's angels long before Paul. Deuteronomy 33 The Creator sometimes uses his angels to kill or inflict destruction. Yes, Gabriel has defined missions we agree. But, unlike the Creator, Gabriel's spirit is not part of everyone, which Muslims and Christians agree. Surat As-Sajdah (The Prostration) All the Angels bow down before the Creator's Holy Spirit. This includes Gabriel Surat Al-Ĥijr (The Rocky Tract) All the Angels long to see the Creator's Holy Spirit. This includes Gabriel 1 Peter 1 I found it interesting that you find fault with Paul in your rebuttal. Both you and I believe this to be true. Thank you for citing this passage. Those that pervert Paul's gospel that the Creator did not give Paul authority to receive revelation that Jesus Christ was the Messiah are cursed. Further those that pervert how the Creator convinced Paul to immediately turn away from trying to destroy His new new church are cursed. And those that pervert the Creator's authority for converting Gentiles to be cursed. Praise the Creator that He willed you to show me this passage. You then state Jesus Christ was not sacrificed. I agree with you that we do not want to be destroyed for distorting what Peter testifies. Peter was calling those who do not believe Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior ignorant to their own destruction. Maybe our Creator is working through you to better understand what it is to be righteous with the Creator. 2 Peter 2 At one time, I too considered Christianity to be 'Paulianity.' I felt his teachings were in direct conflict with James the Just, who followed the discipline taught by all the prophets who proceeded him. Martin Luther felt the same. Although, he felt James to be the problem because of his enforcement of mosaic law. As I analyzed each line, I have found harmony in the gospels with his teachings. First, we must understand that Paul was a Zealot Jewish Pharisee that understood the concept of an afterlife before he believed in Jesus. What makes him different is that he recognized that finding the Creator is not through fear, but love. He realized that when you try to force any type of belief on people they will rebel against it. So with this in mind I have taken the words of Jesus, the prophets, and saints and summed it up to my core belief. God is Love Life Without Faith is Dead. Faith Without Works is Dead. Works Without Love is Dead. Faith Working in Love is Life. Ennin do you do good deeds because you fear Allah? Or do you do good deeds because you love Allah? Or do you do good deeds because you both fear and love Allah? First Reformation Like other prophets before him Jesus testifies that although, Jews had the Creators laws in front of them, over time those traditions began building loopholes to escape the Creator's commands. Like you said, Jesus mission was to show all men the way to being pure and righteous, by being an expert and living example in following the Creator's law. This both Muslims and Christians believe he did. Beyond being just an expert in Mosaic law, Jesus was an expert of the revelations of other Prophets on the proper way of interpreting our Creator's commands. Followers of the Prophet John the Baptist asked Jesus why he was with the unclean sinners. Jesus reminded them of the words the Creator had given to of the Prophet Hosea. Hosea 6 I did not understand what you wrote here: Did you mean to state that if you are found to have a disease (cancer, parkinson's, etc..) and your doctor mistakenly treats your brother or friend instead of you? If yes, then I take it that sin is the disease, then but who is the Doctor? The Creator or Jesus? What I believe is that just like a doctor, with authority from our Creator, Jesus treated physically, mentally, and spiritually sick people with love and mercy. Matthew 9 Muslims and Christians both understand the concept of showing love for our creator is following his Commands. Through the Creator's authority, Jesus stated the one thing we all seem to have a problem doing is loving each other. The greatest act of love is giving your life to save others. To show his love for the Creator, Jesus dedicated his life to God and brought many more people to Him. Jews, Christians, and Muslims who sacrifice their lives to the Creator in order to save others Jesus would call friend. Even atheist find honor in those that give their lives to save others. Jews and Muslims consider this to be true as well. Here we see that Jesus rebukes Jewish Pharisees and experts in the law for looking on the outside, when it is the inside that is most important. Matthew 23 I want you to understand that I firmly believe in the cliche 'Cleanliness is next to godliness.' But, also believe that your mental hygiene on the inside is more important your physical hygiene. Some of the poorest people I have met had a love greater than the richest people could ever wish for. I have also have had been graced to converse with good Muslims. Two Muslims who work with me are from Morocco. I highly respect them both. On a good note what is also becoming more clear to me is the heart of religious freedom during the inception of the United States was brought about because of the Muslims, Jews, and presbyter Christians being persecuted in England and her colonies for not following the Anglican Church. Thomas Jefferson had disdain for some Catholic and Calvinist as well. I believe that there are both bad and good rabbis, priests, pastors, and clerics. The good ones are those that put the people they serve before themselves. The bad ones are those that serve themselves before the people they are trying to convert and minister. People fail to remember that is was the Muslim country of Morocco that first recognized the United States and still share the longest unbroken treaty relationship in our nation's history. The reason was both countries swore an oath under the Creator. The Barbary Treaty 1784 If you ever come to Washington DC, you are welcome to stay at my home.