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Help Please.

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#1 Aonomouse2



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Posted 07 October 2005 - 04:12 AM

Ok, i dont know were to start, im 17 years old and i live in Australia. Ive been going out with this chick for about 2 and a half months, and over this time we have attempted sex, but i prematurely ejaculated, and its played on my mind alot, i love her and i want to satisfy her. Its happened again since then but she didnt know. Its a very touchy subject, ive been getting depressed and it doesnt help when i go to feel her up and comments like "Dont start something you cant finish." It really hurt, but i let it go. I really need someone to talk to or someones opions, it hasnt got anthing to do with being single and ***brown trout***, but i need help.

Thanks, Anon :(

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#2 Janice

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Posted 07 October 2005 - 05:19 PM

I think you're biggest problem is that you're 17 and highly sexed, and very anxious about performing. In other words: TOTALLY NORMAL!!!!

RELAX!! Ok, so you ejaculated prematurely. Now that that's out of the way, try again right away. You won't be so quick to ejaculate this time.

A couple other suggestions: Try a condom, try TWO at the same time. Try turning out the lights, so you won't be stimulated so much by the sight of your lover. And you know what? Sex is more than just having intercourse. There's lots of ways to please a woman. Get really good with your tongue. She'll love it!

Good luck! :D

#3 Aonomouse2



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Posted 08 October 2005 - 05:46 AM

Thank you...

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