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Stop Using Toxic Rodent Poisens or Pesticides

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#1 Hungry Owl

Hungry Owl
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Posted 29 May 2008 - 08:34 AM

Except for the five standard urban birds (crows, pigeons, European starlings, house sparrows, and seagulls) and migrating flocks (e.g., loud, honking geese) overhead, i have only seen a few robins, cardinals, and house finches (the latter nested in an old dried up vine on my downspout last year). please consider our dwindling bird species before using pesticides and rodent poisons on your property.

In studies in both California and New York, brodifacoum was found to account for 80% of the secondary poisonings by rodenticides, even though it accounted for only 20% of sales. Brodifacoum is found in the following commonly used products: D-con, Talon, Havoc. It is extremely dangerous to birds through secondary exposure. It can harm pets as well if they consume a poisoned rodent. It is marketed as a "single feed" rodenticide, BUT the rodent takes several days to die and during that time it can continue feeding on the poison, so that is extremely toxic if eaten by a predator. The poison causes thirst which causes the rodent to go outdoors in search of water and this is when it is likely to get preyed on by raptors or cats.

The Hungry Owl Project promotes the use of beneficial predators as a form of natural pest control - an alternative to toxic, chemical pesticides and rodenticides. These predators provide us with free natural ecoservices when we encourage their prescence by installing nesting boxes in appropriate habitat.


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Posted 27 February 2016 - 12:39 AM

 I heard of organic pest control,where no chemicals is used which harms plants and other living things. Exterminators In Nassau County Ny is one which uses natural pest control services.

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