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3 Solid Reasons to Use Generic Medicines


Medicines are a basic necessity in any human beings life. Medicines are not only required for the treatment of health conditions but also for the prevention of many health issues. Shopping of medicines in recent times has become very common just like shopping for other commodities are concerned. Shopping online not only saves valuable time but also effort. On top of it online shopping ensures at-the-door service which is extremely beneficial for people who hate to go or are lazy to go to the local pharmacy store. Also people who find it hard to go buy their medicines due to insufficient time are at benefit due to online shopping of medicines. Normally online stores sell generic high-quality medicines at much cheaper rates and along with amazing discounts to ensure that the customers save lots of money when they purchase their medicines from them.

Generic drugs are drugs that are a replica of original/branded drugs. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), generic drugs are biologically similar to branded drugs as far as dosage form, safety, strength, administering route, quality, safety and efficacy is concerned. Most importantly these generic drugs are affordable. The generic drug market is getting more and more popular when it comes to the category of drugs such as cardiovascular drugs, statins and other such category of drugs. Normally, generic drugs are manufactured once the patent of the brand drug expires. Generic medicines are manufactured and undergo the same set of guidelines that brand drugs undergo and have to have the same facilities at which they are manufactured. This is especially because regulatory bodies prohibit them from doing otherwise.

There are many advantages of purchasing generic medicines. The top 3 reasons for one to use generic medicines are:

  1. Generic medicines have the same active ingredient which is in the brand version of the medicine. They work in the same way as do the branded drugs and more importantly have the same risk to benefit profile. Also the generic version of medicines deliver the same amount of active in the same time as the brand version.
  2. Generic medicine, just like brand medicines are FDA approved as they contain the same active ingredient in them. The generic medicines are bioequivalent. Also, generic medicines are available in various forms to help treat health issues in people.
  3. The biggest advantage perhaps is with regards to the cost of generic medicines. All the generic medicines are available at cheap rates when compared to the branded version of medicines. The prices of medicines are extremely low due to generic medicines not being research products and therefore there is no cost incurred as far as patenting, drug discovery, development and commercialization is concerned.


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