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Springtime in Washington

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This was a rather busy week for me. I purchased a little bit of heaven in West Virginia. My farm is all rolling hills filled with budding hardwood, fruit trees, and thousands of Christmas trees. There is a restored old cabin on the farm that dates back to the early 1800's. The cabin needs a little work, but it is quite charming. John Cooper sold me the farm. John is a 87 year old man that is still quite sharp, but is no longer able to maintain his property. John told me that selling his farm was like losing an arm. I told him that he is welcome anytime to visit for as long as he wishes. Every morning I woke up to the sounds of Blue Birds, Cardinals, Jays, Orioles and a couple of owls. The farm really puts a smile on my face. My wife Jenna said that she has not seen me this happy since we got married.


Jenna and I watched the NCAA tournament together when we had a chance. GO GEORGETOWN!!!


The only down note was putting up the March on the Pentagon gallery. I understand the reason for the protest, but it is hard seeing demonstrators and a line of riot police face off.

Click Here to view the "March on the Pentagon" image gallery.


On up note, Springtime is here in the Big Eagle. Washington DC is just budding with flowers of all colors.

Click here to see DCpages "Springtime in Washington" photo gallery.


Today, I started taking photos of the Cherry Blossoms around the tidal basin. They are just budding. It looks like they will be in peak blossom in about a week.

Click Here to view DCpages daily "Cherry Blossom Update" photo gallery.

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