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Public School Strength Coaches

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Strength and conditioning used to be a field that was looked upon much like yoga or pilates was looked upon several years ago. Now you can find 6 and 8 year olds working with a strength and conditioning specialist. It's time to make a strength and conditioning coach a part of the public school system. It's about time the public school system recognizes that a professional needs to be invloved in high school sports not only from a competitive standpoint but from a safety perspective. I want to make it clear that the physical education teachers in high school are qualified to do what they do but the numbers are just not there for them to be working with each and every team. Many times I have walked into area high school weight rooms and been surprised to see what dangerous practices are taking place. Many times programs in high school are implemented from a successful college program. Are you kidding me! How could a high school athlete possibly compare to a college athlete. In addition many coaches who are totally unqualified are in charge of implementation and observation of strength and conditioning programs. A position much like you have with athletic training should be formed for the strength and conditioning coach for every high school in the county. The public school needs to follow suit with what private schools have been doing for years.

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