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Recuperative techniques

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There is a movement within the field of conditioning of athletes that concerns recuperative techniques. What is a recuperative technique? This is a technique that can act to reverse the conditions of training. These techniques can be in the form of foam rolling, self massage, flushing or even stretching post workout. Whether these techniques are used in every workout or on off-days between sessions, the key point is that they are used consistently as programed rest within the week. Rest and recuperation is vital for a program to be successful. Off days, proper rest, nutrition, yoga, meditation, are all important for the proper revitalization of an athlete. Try adding nasal breathing or Prana Yama breathing to your program. This involves deep breathing from your diaphram through your nose only. Imagine a wave rolling into the shore and slowly going back out to sea. This image should be present when breathing in addition to non-forced breathing in as well as out deep into the bottom of the lungs. This type of breathing can be utilized between sets of a strength training workout or during a break between sets of sprints. This will act to deliver quality oxygen to the lungs and into your blood stream for optimal performance.

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