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Mental Warm-Up

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If your an elite level athlete or a person looking to improve cognitvie functioning you can start to include a mental warm-up to your program. This would take place after your general warm-up and dynamic flexibility sequence. A mental warm-up could include balance exercises as well as eye/hand coordination drills that involve the central nervous system and in turn vision, eye movement, touch and hand control. These drills act to stimulate the CNS which provide exercise for the brain and increaed efficiency as well as decreased medical bills in the long run. Think of this mental sequence as preperation for the rest of the workout. A very basic balance training exercise involves standing on one leg for 30 seconds. If this is not difficult enough, try closing your eyes! If you have any further questions about this type of training please feel free to contact me, Jim Fox, at jimfox@dcemail.com. Thanks.

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