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Summer Off-Season Training

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It is often said that athletes are made in the Summer, but their respective teams are formed in-season. In the age of no off-seasons due to year round competition, let's go over a typical year from a sport and training perspective. The training year consists of 5 phases: Inseason, Complete Rest, Active Rest, Off-Season, and Preseason. For an athlete to excel to his or her full potential these phases should be followed. An athlete, especially at an early age,must take a step away from their sport. Crosstraining is an important ingredient for a young athlete due to the memorization of patterns from each sport that can be utilized later once one sport has been chosen. Other important considerations in Off-season training are:


Make treating injuries a priority because your only as strong as your weakest link.

Set goals for the Summer like a want to run a forty time of 4.5

Test yourself to keep your program honest

Make you weaknesses your strengths


Take the time to plan your Summer training and don't wait until the last minute. Remember, planning and preperation are a key to any type of success.

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