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Basketball Off-Season Training

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March Madness is upon us and as the college season culminates with this annual tradition we are reminded that Spring is here and Summer is close approaching. Although college basketball is at it's most important point of the season, high school basketball was over weeks ago and most athletes are beginning their off-season training, or is there really an off-season. The answer is not really. Compared to 10 years ago the main season for high school was with the high school the athlete was affliated with. A Summer league was not out of the question but now you have Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer leagues which gives an athlete time to develop as a basketball player but where is the time for strength and conditioning and not to mention time away from the sport. Is this too much for young athletes? I think the answer is yes. There must be time for the high school athlete to get away from his or her sport and rest, not only completely but actively as well with cross-training with other sports. Are we bringing up our athletes too qauickly? In some cases the answer is yes. Let the athletes develop at their own pace and don't be concerned with how much or what kind of challenging drills can the athlete can do to impress everyone in the gym. Take each athlete seperately and let them develop at atheir own speed.

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