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Early Speed Training

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I just offered a speed and agility program for football that is going to start in January and was surprised at how many parents wanted their 8 year olds to participate in my program which is 10 and up. I had to think quickly what I could offer to these young athletes and I came up with a 30 minute speed and agility class specifically for young athletes. The object of the class is to teach, not condition, but to learn how to run which is very much a neuromuscular activity which requires resting between sets. The 30 minute versus 60 minute differential between the 10 and 8 year old class is due to the maturity level and just a lack of focus over the 30 minute mark in the younger group. What a difference in training philosophy then say 10 years ago. We are starting much younger with our athletes and having them reach important milestones earlier and earlier, but let's remember that they are still kids and that they have a lifetime of sports and fitness ahead of them. The conditioning class starts January 4th at Rockville Fitness on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 6-7:30. For further details please reach me at jimfox@dcemail.com. Look for my message board about teaching running in the next few days. Thanks. Strengthcoach.


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